Winter Essentials: Water Heater Maintenance Tips and Tricks

Guidance on how to keep your water heater ready for winter

Electrical appliances always need proper maintenance for working perfectly. In this blog learn about effective water heater maintenance tips that will come in handy. 

November is here, and now is the perfect time to gear up for winter preparations. Ditch all your summer clothes and bring out all your jackets, scares, and woollens. 

Your clothes are not the only source of comfort during winters we assume.

Have you given a thought about how dreadful it is going to be to take a bath during those chilly days? Sounds scary right? 

This is why you need a water heater right away. For those who already have one make sure it is in the right working condition or there will be no use.

If you want to prolong the life of your water heater and are looking for tips for water heater maintenance, we have just the right tips for you. 

Safety and Maintenance tips for water heaters:-

  • Scan The Pressure Relief Valve:-

The pressure valve helps you prevent the breaking down of the water heater in extreme conditions.

Different manufacturers have different settings but the basic working principle remains the same.

According to them, you should check it every summer to ensure it is working properly. 

  • Saving On Electricity:

Did you know that a single water heater can account for nearly 12% of your family’s utility bill? Yes, no matter how much it surprises you this is the actual truth. 

So if you are worried about how to reduce electric consumption. The first thing you can do is to reduce the temperature of your heater.

The lesser the time your geyser takes to reach a particular temperature, the faster it will heat your water. 

This ensures your geyser will have less electricity and consequently will increase its shelf life. 

  • Replace Plastic Pipes With Metal Ones:-

It is a known fact that metal pipes are more resistant to heat than plastic. Therefore substituting the inlet and outlet plastic pipes with metal pipes.

Though rusting can be an issue with metal pipes but if continuously maintained from time to time, it will not pose any problem. 

  • Electrical Switches and Connections:-

Make sure that your water heater has a connection with a circuit breaker such that it cuts the power supply in case of voltage fluctuations.

This will minimize the chances of short circuits and thus ensure safety in future use. 

Another factor that you should keep in mind is to install the geyser at a height of at least 1.8 meters from the ground.

The benefit is the correct height will get you a strong flow of water from the geyser as the pressure level will be on point. 

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