What Are Some Common Misconceptions About Switching Off A Geyser?

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When it comes to switching off geysers, we ultimately think of power-saving reasons. But that’s not the only cause of why we must turn off 5 star rated geysers. 

Geysers serve our purpose of procuring hot water. However, if we want our geysers to last long, we must take good care of them. The most prominent geysers company in India discovers the most common reasons why turning off geysers is essential. 

5 Reasons For Switching Off Geysers

  • No Impact On The Overall Electricity Requirement

Turning off your geyser does not possess a substantial influence on the electricity supply or demand. A study shows that an average household’s geyser contains around 40 to 60% of the total electricity consumption. Hence, when you have a geyser running all through the day, there is tremendous pressure on the supply grid. 

  • Turning Geyser On And Off Consumes Greater Electricity

A geyser works by optimizing energy to heat water and set the temperature of the thermostat. But that does not give an allowance to continuously turn on and off the geyser. Hence, switching the geyser off when you don’t need hot water is the best option. This will not only save energy but also reduce any chances of geyser damage.

  • Switching It On And Off Destroys The Thermostat

The thermostat turns on and off during the regular operational cycle. The only damage will make the geyser breaker switch as it is made to trip only when there is an issue with the geyser. However, geysers are not something that should be switched off and on again. 

  • Turning On And Off Can Crack The Geyser

This is a common myth that turning on and off the geyser can lead to cracks. Geysers are made such that they can withstand the pressure and temperature as the water heats more. 

  • Using A Geyser Blanket Minimizes The Need To Switch It Off

While the geyser blanket helps in reducing heat loss, heating the water for long periods can result in high energy consumption. When you do not switch on a geyser, the average saving you get with a geyser blanket is not more than 8%

  • Optimizing Geyser Time Efficiently Saves The Electricity Demand

Turning off the geyser during peak demand has a significant impact on both demands and costs to both the grid and the consumers. One must check the operation of the geyser depending on the water usage patterns of the household. 


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