What Are The Causes That Result In Burst Geysers In A House?

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Even the best geysers cause them to burst when you set the thermostat incorrectly. It may result in an explosion due to excessive amounts of steam accumulation.

A burst geyser ruins the ceilings, floorings and also destroys cupboard units. Your carpet may smell like a wet dog for years and you cannot do anything about it. So, it’s better to start with the initial process. Let’s know more about geysers from the geysers company in India.

What Leads To Geyser Burst?


  • When the temperature inside your geyser becomes excessively hot, the pressure inside it will also rise. In a similar way, a balloon will burst when someone fills it with too much air. Geysers with increasing internal pressure may result in leaking or breaking. 
  • Geysers are present with T & P relief valves- that stands for temperature and pressure. When the heat and pressure build inside a geyser, the valve opens up and the water gushes out safely with the help of a drainage pipe. When the valve starts malfunctioning, the geysers may leak, burst, or even explode!


  • All water- mostly hard water is made up of minerals. Over time, little amounts of minerals settle at the bottom of the geyser. Eventually, it forms a layer of sediment that prevents water from heating. As a result, the heating element has to run for quite a long time to heat the water.
  • Over time this either causes the water to overheat, thereby resulting in pressure build-up or deterioration of the tank. If you want to avoid sediment build-up, it is better to flush and drain your geyser once every one or two years. Particularly, if your locality receives hard water.

Rust & Corrosion

  • Geysers are made up of steel or mostly iron. This makes it prone to rust. This is a major bummer with any electrical appliance that comes into contact with water or air. To address this concern, an internal anode rod is present in every geyser to attract rust. 
  • It is the sacrificial rod. In other words, rusting takes place in the anode rod first. It ultimately sacrifices to spare the geyser. Once the rod begins to rust away, the geyser will also start rusting. Ultimately, brown water will come out from your hot tap. 

How To Avoid Pressure Building-Up?

  • Make sure that the temperature is not set higher than 60 degrees celsius. 
  • Test your valves every once or twice a year. 


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