What Are The Reasons Behind The Accidental Falling Of Ceiling Fans?

Can Ceiling Fans Fall?

When you invest in the best online electrical appliances, be sure of their quality. In this blog, we will tell you what can be the reason for your ceiling fans to fall accidentally.

How about investing in a single home appliance providing fine air quality, lowering your power bill, adding a unique design style to your room? Sounds good? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely purchase a ceiling fan. High speed, low cost, and decorative ceiling fans can be a perfect addition to your home. 

Modern ceiling fans with automatic control and stylish finish have replaced conventional fans. Yes, we understand your concern. A ceiling fan has the potential to fall. This can be due to improper installation, age, lack of maintenance, or other defects. Therefore it is extremely important for you to keep an eye on the maintenance and safety of ceiling fans. 

Reasons Your Ceiling Fans Can Fall

  • Improper Connection: There are connection points in multiple locations, but the downrod is the part that most likely goes into the ceiling. The downrod can be weak in two areas: The first is the part that goes into the top, and the second is the part that goes into the motor housing. If either connection point is loose, the ceiling fan can fall anytime. 
  • When Your Fan Is Wobbling: A fan’s natural state does not normally include shaking. If you see your fan start to tremble, that could mean an issue with your blades’ spacing. The other reason can be your fan wasn’t mounted properly. In both cases, the consequence can be dangerous. If this is related to a defect in your fan, then we think it is high time to replace it. 
  • Hearing Unusual Noises: Hearing noises is a sign that your fan’s motor is going out. If you can check electrical components, this will be your first stop. Otherwise, a weird noise could be a sign of an unbalanced fan.

In order to avoid any mishaps, it is pertinent to check your ceiling fan once every six months. 

We can never deny the importance of ceiling fans in our homes and offices. With a wide range of options now available in the market, you have ample choices to purchase the best fan.

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