What Are The Usual Flaws Of The Best Mixer Grinders?

online mixer grinder

With the advancement of time, more and more models of mixer grinders are coming up in the market and it has become easy to make an online mixer grinder purchase. 

Checklist For Buying Mixer Grinders online:

  • Reliability Of The Company From Where It Is Being Bought:- A company that is reliable in the field of electronic gadgets and home appliances 
  • must be the first choice.
  • Price Range Available:- Every home appliance is bought by a fixed budget set aside. Hence it is important to browse through the different options available online and choose the company which offers the best value for money. There are also special seasons when discounts are available. Such opportunities may be grabbed at the right time.
  • Blades, Disks, And Jars:- Blades, changeable disks, and jars are important parts of a mixer grinder and it is important to have complete knowledge on how many of each of these are being offered as a part of the deal. Information is provided in the description provided.

What Are The Common Mixer Grinder Faults?

  • Reduced Blade Sharpness: With time the sharpness of the blades disappears. As a result, things do not grind or mix well. But how do you identify the problem? Well, the first sign is when you notice your ingredients are coarse even after repetitively grinding them in the mixer. The first tip you can try is fixing the blades with rock salt. You can also replace the blades if this doesn’t work. 
  • Tripping: When you constantly grind food items for a long period or use the mixer to grind food that is still very hot, it can start tripping. Therefore, it is best to grind food for too long or avoid pouring hot items into the mixer. Bring them to room temperature and then use them.  The way to fix this is to switch off the mixer, unplug it, and reset it. 
  • Leakage From Jars: It is one of the most common issues faced by mixer grinder owners. Leakage from the jar can be messy and causes food wastage spoiling your entire recipe. It can be because of several reasons. The most common reason is a worn-out rubber ring inside the jar or lose blades. You can try and fix it by tightening the blades with a screwdriver and replacing the rubber ring. 


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