What Factors To Look For When Buying Ceiling Fan For Your Space?

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Shop for super-efficient, high-performance, low cost ceiling fans in India. Read to know some tips for buying  ceiling fan for your space. 

The extreme heat and humidity in summers can disrupt the proper functioning of your mind. The increasing work pressure can be an added disadvantage. Especially now that everyone is working from home, it is furthermore important to have a comforting space. Hence to maintain your cool and smooth running of errands, you should choose superior quality cooling appliances. Ceiling fans first came into existence in the 1880s.  With the temperature reaching sky, ceiling fans have become indispensable assets.

So, stop worrying about “which fans should I buy?”, and read to know the important aspects to check before buying a fan.

Top Factors To Consider Before Buying A High Speed Ceiling Fan:

  • Room Dimensions:
  1. The room height should have at least an eight-foot ceiling.
  2. The ceiling fan blades should be a minimum of 18 inches away from the wall. 
  3. A 36 inch to 44-inch diameter fan can easily cool a 225 square foot room. 
  4. For larger spaces, you can install a 52-inch larger diameter fan.
  • Energy-efficiency Of A Fan:

Whenever you decide to purchase a ceiling fan, make sure you check the power consumption. The older models usually do not have improved technologies and hence using a fan all day long can increase your bills. However, these days,  you can choose an efficient appliance. BLDC fan motors with micro-controllers save nearly 50% of the power.  It is however true that these fans are a little pricier than the regular ones. But if you want to save yourself from paying excess every month, it is better to make a genuine one-time investment. 

  • Motor Quality: 

This is one of the most important parts of a ceiling fan. So, you need to make sure the ceiling fan that you will buy has a premium mortar.  Old fans run on motors that are not technologically upgraded. Therefore the price of old ceiling fans might seem initially low but in the long run, can consume maximum power. Choose ceiling fans with DC motors. These fans have higher torque, are noiseless, power saving, and have a prolonged lifespan. 

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