What Happens When Your High-Speed Ceiling Fan Gets Wet?

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Are your low cost ceiling fans prone to getting wet on some specific days? Then, you should definitely read this blog and know what to do in such a situation. 

A normal high speed ceiling fan can damage when you expose it to water. From the electric motor to its fasteners and blades cannot handle moisture. Furthermore, wet-rated ceiling fans have weatherproof blades and can function even after getting damp. 

Can Economical Fans Get Wet? 

Usual ceiling fans that are for indoor uses can never be happy after getting wet. There is no sealing in the fan’s motor. Moreover, we all are well aware that getting water inside the electrical components is a bad idea.  However, some lucky incidents just end up shorting out or tripping the circuit breaker. The blades of some fans, especially the cheap ones, are not waterproof. 

This simply indicates that water can enter the blades, thereby compromising their structure. On the other hand, having a metal or plastic blade will resist this issue extensively. Ceiling fans that have a wooden and composite blade can begin sagging if there is too much moisture generation. Furthermore, the blades and fasteners deteriorate very rapidly. 

Besides the motor and blades, none of the fasteners and fixtures can withstand water exposure. As a result, it can develop rust on several parts. When you buy cheap models, rust is surely going to form. To be precise, this indicates that you should never expose your fan to water. Moreover, you risk electrical shocks and even fire when you expose a normal ceiling fan to moisture. 

Is There A Need For Wet-Rated Ceiling Fans? 

  • There are various types of ceiling fans available in the market. While some can withstand moisture, others cannot. It all depends on your needs and the location you are residing in. if you think there are higher chances of water getting inside your ceiling fan, make sure to opt for a wet-rated fan. 
  • Secondly, wet-rated fans are really perfect for areas that are potentially humid. It can be anything from a basement to a shed and a garage. However, a damp rating cannot be enough if you expect something like rain hitting your ceiling fan.
  • For large porches and covered patios, a damp-rated ceiling fan is fine. They can handle the water mist from a storm. There are, undoubtedly, certain edge cases where there is confusion on which fan you must get. Consider getting the help of an expert. 


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