What Is The Work Of A Speed Control In A High-Speed Ceiling Fan?

high speed ceiling fan

Did you know that the speed control of a high speed ceiling fan has some special functions? Discover all about speed control by reading this blog till the end. 

Power saving fans provide two significant functions in our homes: air circulation as well as lighting, Controlling the lighting element demands nothing more than a standard light switch. On the other hand, the fan control only needs complex wiring. Let’s dive deep into the details. 

Different Technologies Used For Speed Control Inside A Ceiling Fan

  1. Wiring

The wiring is integral in a ceiling fan, especially when it comes to controlling its speed. In order to maintain the fan speed, it needs its own wire system. However, it must be separate from the lighting element. Moreover, if you install a ceiling fan without properly witing it, it will become impossible to operate the fan without the light on. 

  1. Speed Controls

There are two basic types of speed controls existing inside ceiling fans. The first one is wall controls and the second one is unit control. Controls on the unit usually possess a predetermined number of settings, including low, medium, high and off. Every time we press a button on the unit, it switches from one setting to another. 

  1. Capacitors 

Capacitors control the flow of power to a ceiling fan motor. They receive 100 per cent of the power that comes from the power source to a fan motor. Further, it meters how much of that power the motor will actually receive. For example, setting a wall switch to 33 per cent power will ensure that the capacitor supplies an appropriate electrical amount. 

  1. Solid-State Technology

The method in which the fan’s speed control actually works depends on whether it has a solid-state control or a capacitor. Solid-state controls transform the power level in the fan motor. Solid-state controls are usually inside fans with controls and settings like low, medium and high. For example, when you switch from medium to high, the speed control mechanism increases the motor power. 

  1. Wall Switches

Dimmer switches are not very good for controlling the speed of a fan. On the other hand, light switches operate in different ways than fan speed controls. A dimmer switch usage can damage both the dimmer and the fan. Make sure to always purchase a wall switch that is specifically made for use with fans. Certain switches work with solid-state technology while others work with capacitors. 


These are the basic mechanism of a ceiling fan. If you want to buy low cost ceiling fans that long really last, contact Polar Electric. Polar fans come with a warranty that makes your living comfortable and easy.