Which Is The Right Choice For You Pedestal Or Ceiling Fans?

best pedestal and ceiling fans

There has always been a debate between choosing the right type of fan for your room- be it either ceiling or the best pedestal fans. Let us take a closer look. 

A must-have appliance for your home, the importance of a ceiling fan can never be neglected. Modern fans with automatic control and a stylish finish have replaced conventional fans. Choosing the most economical fans will not be the perfect addition to your home but will help to save energy bills. 

What Are The Pros of Ceiling Fans?

  • The biggest advantage of them is that they can lower the ambient temperature of the room, by four to five degrees. They follow the mechanism of pushing down the cool air.
  • In cold seasons, they keep you warm, by working under the reverse mechanism. Warm air rises, due to the reversed movement of the fan blades, it pulls up the cool air and distributes warmth evenly around the room.
  • They are much cheaper as an initial investment than an expensive air conditioner.
  • Ceiling fans consume comparatively less energy and are power saving fans, so your bills stay within budget.
  • They make one of the most beautiful elements of decoration inside the room. They serve as the focal point of the room and complement other interior features of the house.
  • Modern designer ceiling fans come with lightings, thereby making a two in one appliance
  • It allows you the choice of versatile placement, like in bedrooms, kitchen, or any other room.
  • Low cost ceiling fans act as the most efficient backup device in case the AC breaks down.
  • Ceiling fans are safe to be used in a room that has small children. It is safer to use.

What Are The Pros of The Best Pedestal Fans?

  • The most important function of buying pedestal fans is that they are extremely lightweight and portable. The fan can be turned on simply by plugging the switch on the electric panel or the socket. It can be easily placed on the balcony or in the garden or terrace.
  • They are multi-functional. They are economical, easy to use, and can be shifted from one place to another without any hassle. It is environment-friendly.
  • The modern pedestal fans are available in the market with advanced features and integrated with the latest technology. As a result, the customers are spoiled with choices.
  • They are easy to fix
  • They are good for those rooms which have a low ceiling.
  • The cage covering the blades makes it very safe to use, especially for children.
  • They can be installed, maintained, and cleaned easily since you do not have to face the hassle of reaching up to the ceiling.

Fans are thus absolutely essential electrical appliances. For the best ceiling fans and pedestal fans look into the collection of Polar. You will get a variety of ceiling fans which are available at pocket-friendly costs. Choose Polar Fans to make your home a happy and comfortable one.