Which One Is More Efficient Among Ceiling, Pedestal And Table Fans

power saving fans

Ceiling, table, and pedestal fans are all power saving fans. But today’s guide is all about comparing them and checking their efficiency. So, let’s begin with it. 

While low cost ceiling fans help to cool down the room instantly, pedestal fans have other extraordinary features. And so have table fans. Describing each of them will help you to understand their worth and whether you should invest in them or not. 

Table Fans Or Pedestal Fans?

  • Both table fans and pedestal fans are standing fans having a smaller sweep. A smaller sweep allows them to cover fewer areas in a space if they do not swing or rotate. 
  • Rotation with the help of central rods helps them to cover more space, but the same leads to intermittent rotation in different directions. These typically have placements in a corner or a particular space of the room. If your room is big enough, not all places can have the reach of air.

Ceiling Fans Over Each One:

  1. Ceiling fans are found in various diameters or sweeps. Further, sweeps demonstrate the area that the fan can cover. Regular fans, including the ones most available in the market, have a 1200 mm sweep. Most common houses use this fan. 
  2. However, you can also find smaller sweeps in the fans. Ceiling fans generally cover larger areas as they typically have a central placement in the room. It is also because of the elevation. The most common fans found in the market till now typically optimize 70-85 Watts. The BEE does not rate these fans.  
  3. Even the fans having smaller sweeps or the ones similar to the sweeps of pedestal fans, use similar wattage. To compare these fans more effectively, try looking at the BEE Star Rated Ceiling Fans and those without stars for electricity savings. 
  4. However, the BEE 5 star ceiling fans tend to provide much more energy saving. These are more power saving in comparison to the pedestal fans and regular ceiling fans. They consume about 45-55 Watts. 

How Are Ceiling Fans Becoming More Efficient Day-By-Day?

Ceiling fans consist of a bigger market. Thus, being one of the major appliances in the house and having great usage in offices or houses, they are drawing a lot of attention. It is an amazing option in terms of technological improvement. 

Even the government is focussing to make the ceiling fans more effective with all the necessary additions. Thus with each passing day, we receive higher cooling at lower watts and electricity bills. 


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