Why Do Accumulation Of Dust Happens on Ceiling Fans? Tips to Clean

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Ceiling fans are common household appliances present in every home. Shop for super-efficient, low cost, high speed ceiling fans. 

With the temperature reaching sky high, and even winters getting warmer, high speed ceiling fans are an indispensable asset. With a wide range of options now available in the market, you have ample choices to purchase the best fan.

But in spite of these being essential appliances, we give them the least importance. As a result, it is a common sight to watch ceiling fans covered in dust and dirt. Maintenance and cleaning not only make your fans look tidy and shiny but also helps them to function effortlessly. So, even if you have one of the 10 best ceiling fans, proper care is mandatory. Whatever be the reason for your dusty fans there are many solutions that can help fix your requirements. 

Reasons Why Your Ceiling Fans Blades Get Dusty:

  • Static Electricity: Static electricity happens when the fan blades travel through the air quickly. It brushes through the air molecules to move them out of the way. These molecules build up an electrical charge on the leading edge of your fan blade. As time progresses, existing dust particles will continue to attract more particles. This in turn increases the number of residues on top of the blades. Thus, your fan blades moving with charged electrons attract dust. 
  • Fluid Dynamics: Airflow and fluid dynamics are major reasons for dust build-up on your ceiling fan blades. While the blades move through the air continuously, the air on the blade directly above it remains static. With inactive air above the fan blades, it allows dust to stick to the blades and remain there.

Simple Techniques To Clean Ceiling Fans:

  • The most old-fashioned way to clean your low cost yet powerful ceiling fan is to try to stick to soap water with a regular cloth.
  • If you have a handheld vacuum, cleaning a ceiling fan is not difficult.  Many vacuum cleaners will have brush attachments that help in deeply removing the dust particles on the fan blades. 
  • A microfiber duster or brush can give you effective cleaning in just a few minutes. You can either use them by hand or attached them to a handle of various lengths.

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