Why Is It Better To Choose Power Saving Ceiling Fans Over ACs?

Power saving fans

There has always been a debate between Fans Vs AC. If you want to know whether low cost ceiling fans are a better option than ACs or not, keep reading.

Among the many methods of space cooling, the most popular ones are air conditioners and ceiling fans.  Homeowners now widely use both these cooling systems as the mercury keeps soaring in the summer months. However, running a power saving fan is ten times more beneficial than an AC. It is true that air conditioners make you comfortable in a shorter span of time but from the budget point of view ceiling fans are cost-saving. 

Difference Between Air Conditioners And Ceiling Fans:

  • Working Procedure: AC removes the warm air from the room and replaces it with cool air by treating the air through the refrigeration cycle. The way a low cost, power-saving ceiling fan works is a little different. As hot air rises up, the moving blades of the fan slice up this warm air and circulate it in the entire room. The ceiling fans make you feel comfortable by evaporating the sweat and through increased heat convection. 
  • Size: Air conditioners are big in size and are cumbersome to install and transport. Fans are available in different varieties like ceiling, table-fan, pedestal, etc. Also, they are compact, easy to transport and install. 
  • Maintenance: There should be a proper cleaning regime for your AC filters. Also, the gas needs to be replaced once in a while. With ceiling fans, you do not need professional help. All you need a clean cloth and soap water to make your fans squeaky clean again. 
  • Energy Efficiency: The EER ( Energy Efficiency Ratio ) measures the capacity of your AC. The bigger your room is, the more powerful and better-rated AC you will need. But if you compare it with ceiling fans, the former consumes a whopping 3900% more energy. Thus air conditioners consume  60-70 percent of your electricity bill. Additionally, the carbon footprint of an AC is quite high. The harmful CFCs they release are depleting the ozone layer. With energy-saving fans, you get a more environment-friendly option. 

Thus, it can be rightly said that air conditioners are just energy hogs that drain you of your hard-earned money. While ceiling fans on the other hand do a much better job in keeping your budget in check and also makes your room cool. 

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