Why Power Saving Ceiling Fans Are The Need Of The Hour?

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Polar Electric offers you a wide range of options to choose high speed & power saving ceiling fans with the latest technology and unique designs.

It is very much possible to cool down your room without air conditioners. However surprising it may sound, there are possibilities to make your house comfortable in the unpleasant summer months. If you are unable to install AC units, you can continue to use ceiling fans.  High speed ceiling fans are a great alternative to ACs and with a few simple tips and tricks, you can easily beat the heat. 

It is true that everyone is not well off or has the means to purchase ACs. For people belonging to middle-income to lower-income groups, investing in power saving high speed fans is a lot more useful. Fans are cheaper not only to buy but also to maintain. These appliances do not consume much power and hence are the best solution for keeping the warm summers at bay. 

However, you need to upgrade your regular gan to power-saving alternatives for reduced utility bills. 

Difference Between Power Saving And Regular Fans:

Regular Ceiling Fans:

Regular ceiling fans are usually built with an AC Induction motor. These ceiling fans consume nearly 75W of power and some older fans can consume even 90W. This definitely adds to your already mounting electricity bills. The biggest setback is the large brand manufacturers are still promoting these inefficient high power ceiling fans. The reason behind this is the low operational costs and lack of urge to implement new technology for better products.

Power Saving Ceiling Fans:

  • These power saving ceiling fans deploy enhanced technology to reduce power consumption. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency grants 5 stars to these fans for their high performance and their ability to consume less power. Their electricity consumption is about 50W. 
  • There is another more powerful ceiling. These are superior quality fans that can save you from your emptying pockets due to the high bills. Equipped with semiconductor technology, these consume power as low as 35W. These fans have a BLDC motor (Brushless DC Motor) with microcontrollers.

Some Tips To Increase The Comfort Levels In Your Room During Summers:

  • Use More Than Two Fans: If you want to create a crosswind, you should turn on both your ceiling as well as window fan. 
  • Keep Your Doors And Windows Open: Keeping everything closed will not ease your pain. Instead, try to improve air quality via ventilation. This will get rid of the warm air and make you feel fresh. 

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