Working Principle Of Mixer Grinders & Tasty Recipes For Fasts

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Mixer grinders are the most common kitchen gadget that is used almost every single day. Buy juicer mixer grinders online from the leading brand Polar.

If there is one item in the kitchen that you cannot live without is a mixer grinder. Indian cuisine gets its taste from the freshness of the spices mixed, powdered, and grinded. Whether you need to make a chutney for your dosa, or a healthy green smoothie for breakfast, mixer grinders are the sole warriors. Thus, this versatile powerhouse should definitely be on your kitchen appliances online shopping list if you still do not have one. 

All of us are familiar with mixer grinders and their power in the kitchen. But do you know how it works? It consists of blades, a jar, the gasket or seal ring, housing, jar nut, and the jar lid. The best mixer grinders in India will have premium quality machine parts that will guarantee a good performance. 

A Short Know-How Of The Working Of Mixer Grinders:

  • When you start the mixer grinder, the mortar begins to turn the blades. 
  • The spinning of the blades sets the food particles in a circular motion. 
  • The circular swirling motion of the mixture creates a vacuum at the center
  • The central vacuum displaces the contents toward the axis while the whirling motion forces them up on the sides.
  • This helps the ingredients to turn into a smooth paste and a great consistency. 

Indians have great faith in the Almighty and it is a diverse country, there are different festivals lined up. Usually, during religious pursuits or spiritual gatherings, everyone prefers simple sattvic items. While breaking fasts or after puja ends, such recipes are the main attractions. 

Here Are Some Top Food Ideas You Can Easily Prepare Using A Mixer Grinder Bought Online:

    • Sabudana Khichdi: Sabudana is an instant energy booster as it is loaded with good quality starch and carbohydrate. You can easily have sabudana khichdi on vrat days. For preparing the khichdi masala, you can easily use the mixer. Once the freshly made spices are ready, you can enjoy your khichdi with mild spices, fresh herbs, and a sprinkle of peanuts. 
    • Healthy Milkshakes and Beverages:- Sometimes it is a common practice to have breakfast with some kind of beverage after having water. Devotees also do not like to indulge in heavy meals right after the fast. Therefore having a refreshing and light milkshake will be the perfect fit.  You can make different types of milkshakes and sherbets if you buy the best juicer mixer grinder online.

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