Common Geyser Malfunctioning That You Might Encounter During Usage

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Most people face some very common problems with their water heater and it should be taken care of immediately. Make sure to invest in 5 star rated geysers

Hot water geysers are highly useful and often a necessity, both in hot and cold countries. However, there are some problems that may come up in geysers and may need resolution as fast as possible. Let us take a look and Inspect the problems closely. 

Common Water Geyser Problems

  • Problems With Temperature: 

The best geysers’ main function is to heat the water and you must get it instantly. But, if it is facing a problem with the temperature then you might not get the same heated water. Sometimes you can fix your problem very easily while sometimes it is certainly not. If your water is not hot enough or you see that the water becomes too hot than required then you must guess that there is definitely some problem with your thermostat.

  • Water Leakage: 

Another common problem is water leaking from your geyser.  A leak will \definitely compromise the supply and can damage your heater as well. The reasons contributing to this are many, including damage in the T&P relief valve. Other factors like excessive pressure, loose heating element bolts, bad gasket, leaks from the water storage tank, etc. are also the causes. 

  • Strange Sounds: 

You might hear some unusual sound from your water heater either you try to solve it or if it doesn’t happen then you will end up doing an online home appliances shopping. There are different reasons for causing a problem with your temperature. If actually, any kind of noise comes from your water heater then you must assume that some sediment is accumulated inside the tank of your water heater. You can hear the noise actually when all your sediments get burned in the extreme heat. Thus, you might need to change the heating element of your heater as well.

  • Hot Water Running Slowly: 

Sediment build-up is the most common reason for hot water not running properly from the geyser. The sediment that builds in your water heater is simply loose minerals in the water that eventually sink and settle at the bottom of the tank. If sediment builds up in your tank to the point of plugging up both of these pipes, you’ll see a drastic reduction in your hot water pressure. This is why there is a reduction in the speed of water supply from the appliance. 


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