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About The Company

“Vishva Electrotech Limited (a Licensed user of the Trademark “POLAR”) is playing an imperative role to take polar deeper into homes. With its extensive distribution channels and PAN India branches the Company has a strong presence in the market. The focal point of the Company is to strengthen the brand POLAR”

During last four decades, Polar has been fanning airs of bonding & trust with its customers with utmost satisfaction.

Polar possess a common household name and nationally gained its reputation through its journey with enviable quality products and innovative fans for every choice and for every purpose. From a gust of cool air with the celebrated range of ceiling, table and portable fans created with cutting edge technology to utility based heavy duty air circulators and exhaust fans, Polar spells excellence in every type & kind of domestic fan spectrum. The winds of true quality and innovative designs also reach the buyers abroad where Polar again maintains its presence consistently with viable business relations, ensuring a brand that is taking on the world & making a refreshing difference to the future to make it a byword for excellence.

Warm up with POLAR!

Polar has diversified into the heating solutions for every premises like home, hotels and offices. Heat Convectors, Fan Heaters, Geysers, Immersion Heaters, Irons and so much more! All are designed to gift you a special winter and to make your place “the best” for cozying up with a comfortable life style at home.

Waters of fortune

Polar is an expert manufacturer and proficient seller of water pumps of diverse types and makes – Mono Block Peripheral Type, Centrofigal Pumps, Shallow Well/Open Well and Submersible variants. Water lifting pump is the new thrust area of Polar like fans with aim to be the leader in the domestic WLP (Water Lifting Pump) segment and slowly digressing into industrial field also. The multifaceted skill base of Polar makes it a sought after organisation.

Also not leave out fans, Polar has low energy consuming varieties of ceiling fans. Research is underway for special energy efficient variants of BLDC fans.

Being a responsible corporate group, it is our prime look out to continuously reinvent and innovate to make the society benefitted.

The Polar Promise

Polar strives to exceed expectations and delight customers with innovative solutions that make lives easier and smoother. Today Polar is perceived as an industry leader, innovating new concepts which have redefined categories, creating trends that others have only been able to ape. With this strength, four decades have already passed and Polar is still going strong and vibrant to enter/re-enter into your homes to change the lifestyle and satisfy our valued customers with our products & services in order to build relationships based on trust and values.


Polar India

Low Electricity Consumption

Saves 80% Electricity cost

Polar India

Low Maintenance

No effort to maintain the efficiency

Polar India

Reduced CO2 emission

Reduced CO2 emission, Eco friendly


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