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Means the end user of the product POLAR and/or any person/entity from which Purchase order in any form is received by the Company.
Means the Service Franchisee Agreement being entered into between VishvaEletrotech Limited (herein after referred to as the Company) and the Franchisee PAN India, and / or any other agreement/ contract executed between the Company and the person or any other entity for fulfilling the purpose mentioned here under.
Terms and Conditions:
Here shall mean the terms and conditions as mentioned in this Policy or any other terms and conditions being issued from time to time, by the Company or any of its dealer, distributor, its associates.
Means the purchase of products or issue of Purchase order by the Buyer.
Title and Risk of Loss:
All title and risk of loss shall pass on to the buyer as soon as the product is delivered to it.
All POLAR products being accompanies with valid invoices being issued by Authorized dealers/ retailers of VishvaElectrotechLimited(a Licensed user of the Trademark POLAR) having its registered office at Unit No. 8B & 8C, 8Th Floor, 23, Circus Avenue, Kolkata- 700 017 and warranty cards, after due verification shall be covered.
Beyond Coverage:
All Accessories not covered in the warranty cards and/ or Tax invoices issued as mentioned above, at the time of purchase of products, shall be out of the purview of this service policy.
Warranty Period:
Shall mean the period coverage set forth in the product documentation provided at the time of the original product purchase of the POLAR products as mentioned herein.
Product not working:
In case the product covered herein above is not working or develops any defects, or a customer/ retailer receive it in damaged condition, he will have to call Polar customer care helpline 033 6100 6100 or alternatively write an e-mail to customercare@polarelectric.in. Our Polar service team will examine the product and shall try its best to repair the same and if the product is beyond correction, the damaged product thereafter shall be replaced by our service team or by our dealer as per the Company Policy.
Product not working:
  • Warranty means Repair at free of cost with all required spares.
  • Warranty is calculated on the date of sales.
  • Warranty period is mentioned on Warranty Card available in carton box.
  • Warranty shall be consequential to submission of actual proof of purchase, like, an Invoice, Cash Memo, e-bill receipt etc.
  • Warranty documentation is the original purchase bill / invoice with date and with warranty card duly filled in and stamped by the selling shop keeper with date of sales.
  • Parts of the product repaired or replaced under the terms of this warranty are warranted only for the remaining period of the original warranty period.
  • Surface coating, plastic parts, glass parts, Bakelite parts, rubber parts, nylon parts and normal wear and tear of parts will not be under warranty coverage. All such parts will be replaced on actual cost which includes part costs and applicable taxes.
Warranty not applicable:
  • For any damage resulting due to improper installation / operated in abnormal or hostile environment.
  • For any damage resulting from accident, attempted repairs, mishandling or negligence on the part of customer or unauthorized persons.
  • For any damage resulting due to usage of power supply other than specified 220 / 230 volts, 50 Hz AC supply.
  • For ageing effect or chipping, discoloration, peeling off or any other damage to the painted, plated, metalized or PLASTIC PARTS.
  • If proof of purchase has been altered or tampered with any manner.
  • If the product serial no. has been deleted, defaced, damaged or tampered with or removal for any reason.
  • If the product is used for a purpose other than which it is meant for.
  • For any natural calamities like earth quake, flood etc.
  • Ceiling Fan Blades, after usage of more than 1 week at customer’s house, will not be covered under warranty. If a customer finds his blades defective at time of installation, he will have to report within 7 days from date of purchase.
The above WARRANTY is applicable only in India. Any disputes relating to the above shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Kolkata, India only.
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