Guidelines for Buying the Right Induction Cooktop for Your Kitchen

Induction CookerEager to buy your new induction cooker appliances? Do you want to know what factors you need to focus on selecting the right appliance? This blog updates you about the same.

Before purchasing any item, it is imperative to have a thorough knowledge of the product.  Similarly, to buy induction cooker appliances online you need to do some background checks. What features to look forward to, what is the best brand to buy from, safety attributes,  and many other points make a definitive buying guide. 

How does An Induction Cooktop Work?

An induction cooktop works on the principle of electrical induction. It creates an electromagnetic reaction between your cooking vessels and the cooking zone. A copper wire coil underneath the cooking utensil creates an oscillating magnetic field on the application of alternating current. This magnetic field induces an electric current wirelessly in the vessel.

Buying Guide:-

Here are the Top Factors to Notice Before Making An Investment:-

  • Efficiency:-

    The efficiency of your induction cooktop depends on the actual wattage. Higher power ensures faster cooking. Evidently low wattage will make the process lengthier. The low wattage induction cookers have ceramic plates that quickly crack after using for a few days. Higher power cooktops (1000-2000W) is the ideal choice. 

  • Induction Coil Quality:-

    Some inefficient brands try to lure customers by quoting the lowest price for a product. But the underlying problem is excessively low price confirms there is a loophole. Even in induction cooktops too, the quality of coils plays an important role. An aluminum induction coil is not a great option. Because the slightest fluctuations in temperature will create problems in the proper functioning of the cooker. 

  • Size of the Cooktop:-

    Every cooktop has a pre-specified limit of minimum and maximum pan size. So, if you buy cookware smaller than the mentioned pan size, the net outcome will be uneven heating. Thus the correct size of the cooktop will lead to efficient heating of the pan. 

  • Safety Features:-

    One of the premium reasons that the induction cooktop has become so popular is because it is less risky than gas or stoves. But if your cooktop does not have the required safety features, it will be as dangerous as gas stoves. Induction Cooker (cook Mate) by Polar comes with an auto-detection feature that guarantees heating is off once the pan is moved from the cooktop. 

  • Touch controls:-

    Instead of having cooking knobs, induction cooktops have a touch feature. Thus, these cooktops no longer need manual adjustments by turning knobs. With a simple touch on the glass surface, you can change the settings. 

Thus all these factors contribute to choosing the right cooktop that forms the heart of your kitchen.

Polar’s best electrical appliances have become a common household addition due to their high quality, affordability. So why wait further? Consult the best brand to make sure you buy an appliance that meets your needs.