Malfunctioning Pedestal Fans: How To Solve The Glitches?

pedestal fans

If your pedestal fans are no longer in the best condition, you need some tips to fix the issues. Also, you need to make the right decision by choosing Polar fans

Pedestal fans are highly portable and light, making them easy to relocate. Unlike ceiling fans, these fans are easy to relocate, allowing you to position them wherever you choose and control them by just plugging the switch into the socket. 

Whether you use the best pedestal fans as a backup for your air conditioner or as your main source of cooling, you definitely want to have it repaired as soon as possible if it stopped operating. The methods in the list below will help you troubleshoot, identify, and fix your fan. 

Troubleshooting Steps For Pedestal Fans

Measure 1: Ensure that you plug it in

We’ve all probably experienced the “duh” moment when we noticed a broken item without plugging it in. Therefore, make sure that the connection of your fan is right before continuing.

Measure 2: Examine your circuit breaker

Verify that energy is flowing through the outlet. Verify that none of the breakers on your breaker panel has tripped. You must test each switch and reset any that tripped if there is no labeling in your fan. Investigating the cause of a tripped breaker is another smart move. Verify that there is not much load on the circuit and check the fan’s cord for any loose wires that might be sparking a short.

Measure 3: Verify That Power Is Being Received by the Outlet

If the aforementioned solutions didn’t work, plug in a receptacle tester to test the outlet to see if it’s operational. You can use another tiny portable device if you don’t have a tester. If it turns on without any problems, the outlet is undoubtedly functional. You have an electrical issue if it doesn’t.

Measure 4: Verify the Fan Fuse

A thermal fuse will be there in many larger fans. This uses a safety feature designed to keep fires from starting in less expensive fan motors. The fuse can change based on the fan.

Step 5: Change out any damaged cords

Check the cord’s whole length to verify there is no damage and that the connections to the plug and fan are secure. Has a pet chewed on the plug or is it frayed? Make sure the prongs are straight by inspecting them.

It’s quite simple to replace the wire itself if you find any issues with it and don’t want to buy a brand-new fan. Simply buy a replacement cord with the same plug type and wire gauge, then adhere to the instructions in this video guide or look over this written tutorial.


Many significant companies, like Polar, are presenting their best technological solutions to make the use of fans more feasible. With today’s cutting-edge technology, fans are also becoming smarter and more environmentally conscious. Contact the best online electrical appliances company that offers high speed, decorative and also, power saving fans.