What Are The Ways To Safeguard Electrical Tools During Monsoon?

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Monsoon can be our favourite but not for our high speed ceiling fan. Know how to protect your electrical appliances this monsoon with the right blog by your side. 

The dampness caused by increasing moisture content in the air can make our appliances prone to risks. Thus, if you want your power saving fans and other appliances to last really long, here are some tips. Make sure to save them from the monsoon. 

Tips To Protect Your Electronic Appliances In The Rainy Season

  1. The rainy season brings a number of health challenges along with stagnant water and diseases. Therefore, you must empty your Air Cooler tank during this time to prevent mosquito breeding. Polar Electric provides a wide range of Air Coolers that suits your needs perfectly. They are an ideal solution when you want cool and hygienic air. 
  2. Secondly, dust keeps on attracting moisture during monsoons. It ultimately causes fungal growth in your electronic items. If you want to prevent such trouble, it is significant to regularly clean your appliances. It includes Cooktops, Rice Cookers as well as Microwaves. Moreover, use a clean, dry cloth for it. 
  3. Fluctuations and unexpected power cuts are nothing new in our country. It has a potential impact on our appliances. Hence, you are advised to unplug all your appliances when there are torrential downpours. Also, make sure to ground all your tools properly if you want to avoid damage by the static currents. 
  4. Finally, fluctuations in the voltage can also ruin household appliances. You can solve this problem to a great extent by selecting a good stabilizer. Since stabilizers give you a hassle-free experience, they are an ideal match for you during the monsoon. 

Benefits Of Choosing A Monsoon Ceiling Fan

Out of all electronic appliances, we use ceiling fans the most. Given below are some advantages of a monsoon ceiling fan. 

They are easy to install and maintain

Installing a monsoon ceiling fan is no big deal with the right professionals. Moreover, there is no additional cost for maintaining them during the rainy season. 


Ceiling fans that are meant for the monsoon season are not like the usual ones. They have better technology that can withstand harsh weather conditions. As a consequence, they last really long. 

Better performance 

Just like other advantages, these fans also perform better. They are energy efficient and provide you with the right cooling. So, you remain fresh all day long as the wind circulates around you. 


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