What Are The Different Fans You Can Use For Residential Purposes?

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In the world, low cost ceiling fans are the most commonly used cooling appliances. Know via this blog what are its different types that you can use for residential homes. 

There are tons of fans available in the market that provide us with cooling. While some people opt for the best pedestal fans, others simply go for ceiling fans. No matter which one you choose, you will always have to come up with the right decision. Because installing a ceiling fan is no child’s play. 

Different Kinds Of Fans For An Indian Residential House 

  1. Table Fan 

The first one on our list is a table fan. Just as the name suggests, it is a small, compact fan that is usually placed on a table or desk. Furthermore, these fans are efficient for smaller areas and are highly portable. As a matter of fact, they cost less than other fans. 

  1. Ceiling Mounting Fans

These are the fans that can be mounted over the ceiling for proper air circulation. You can find these fans in cabins having low-height ceilings. Moreover, ceiling mounting fans are quite different from the usual ceiling fans. They ensure maximum air delivery along with the best possible area of reach. 

  1. Wall Mount Fans

Thirdly, wall fans are ideal in the fact that they don’t occupy much space. As a result, you can easily use it in your residential, industrial or commercial space. Also, they have an oscillating feature that helps them to offer maximum air delivery along with a wide area coverage. 

  1. Floor Fans 

Floor fans are the ones that have floor placements in a room. These can circulate air at the foot level which makes them really comfortable in a closed room. Since these fans are portable, you can easily place them in any corner of your room. All you need to do is adjust it as per your requirement and convenience. 

  1. Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are perfect when you want proper ventilation as well as air circulation. These keep bad odours and moisture away from the area of installation. Since bathrooms and kitchens are usual places with moisture, you will find exhaust fans usually here. 

  1. Ceiling Fans

Finally, on our list is ceiling fans, which are undeniably the reason why most homes survive the heat. These fans are available in different colours, designs, styles and sizes. Most of the manufacturers sell ceiling fans as they are the most demanded electrical appliances for over a decade. 


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