Here Are Some Clever Ways To Use Mixer Grinder For Saving Time

An online mixer grinder makes our daily chores easier. From grinding to blending, it does almost everything. Here are some clever ways to use it and save your time. 

The best mixer grinder is a versatile kitchen appliance that can multifunction without any problem. Not only does it reduce the manual work but also gives us more time to spend with our family. But did you know the correct use of your precious mixer grinder? If not, then continue reading this blog. 

Clever Ways To Optimize Mixer Grinder And Save Time

  1. Preparing Meals

Nowadays, meal preparation is gaining momentum in Indian households. Mothers and wives often prepare bulk gravy to save money and time. You can begin with the efficient use of your mixer grinder by sauteing tomatoes, green chillies, and onions. 

Further, cool them down and blend collectively to form a smooth gravy. You can use this delicious recipe to make mushroom curry and shahi paneer. Especially, when you are expecting guests. Preparing bulk gravy keeps you stress-free for a week. Hence, you will also be able to cook for a huge number of guests.

  1. Smoothies On-The-Go

If you often run late for work and don’t have much time for breakfast, simply opt for smoothies. Smoothies are not only healthy but also very easy to prepare. As a matter of fact, smoothies are the healthiest way to kick start your every morning. All you need to do is simply put all your favourite vegetables and fruits in the grinder and blend them properly. 

Normally, we add crushed ice to the smoothie. But you can prevent that if you are preparing smoothies for a complete week at once. Furthermore, store the blended smoothies in freezer bags. Whenever you feel like drinking them, simply put the contents into the blender. Continue adding milk and water and your healthy breakfast is ready within minutes. You can optimize a mixer grinder of 750 watts for greater consistency.  

  1. Prepare Various Chutneys 

What are Indian households without delectable chutneys? Mealtimes become fun when you prepare chutneys at home. But often we don’t have much time to prepare chutneys. 

You can prepare tomato chutney, mint chutney and even hummus in the mixer grinder. Preparing sauces in the grinder is easy when you store them in mason jars. If you want to make a long-lasting chutney, avoid adding salt in it. Freeze for later use till one or two weeks. 


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