Everything About An Immersion Water Heater you Need to Know

immersion water heaterIt is important to know an electric appliance well to use it in the right way. Same thing is applicable for an immersion water heater. Here’s all about it.

Owing to the large geography and the tropical climate of India, most of the parts of this country are found to go through more number of cold months. This brings to the inevitable chore to heat water for different household purposes. The most common ways to heat water in Indian homes include heating water on stoves, using immersion water heaters, storing hot water in geysers, and using solar water heaters.

An immersion water heater is a basic water heating appliance that can heat up a full bucket of water in just a couple of minutes. It has a heating coil and a chord just like an electric iron. To use this appliance, fill up a bucket with water and immerse the metallic rod of the heater into it like you hang clothes on hangers. Then put the plug into the socket and put the switch on. The latest models are also found to have an indicator to make the process even easier and user-friendly.

Some of the Points that Needed to be Considered when Buying Online Are: –

  • Unlike the pricey geysers, immersion rods do not have the auto-off feature. This means when the container filled with water has become warm as per the requirement, the appliance needs to be switched off manually.
  • Just like geysers, using the immersion water heater with inadequate or no water in the container or the bucket will burn and damage the coil and make the appliance useless.
  • Ensure to buy a branded product or buy from the home appliances online shopping hub to avoid any kind of accident while using the appliance. The bad quality products can be dangerous.

What are the Safety Precautions You Need to Take While Handling An Immersion Water Heater?

  • Make sure the kids of the home are not close to it especially when it is in use and the switch is on.
  • Never put on the switch before putting in the water.
  • Always avoid directly touching the water by hand before putting off the switch.
  • Be careful when touching the water after switching it off and everything-about-an-immersion-water-heater-you-need-to-knowtaking the appliance out of the water as extremely hot water can burn your hand.
  • Always avoid the metal buckets in this case as the metal buckets will cause electric shocks.

So, here’s all about immersion rods. Hope this blog helped you to some extent to know the appliance well and will help you wherever you will use it in the future.