Is It Mandatory To Install Ceiling Fans When You Have An AC?

Ceiling fan with AC

It is a very common question whether one should install low-cost ceiling fans while already having an AC. To know the truth, read this blog till the very end.

You may not know but ceiling fans are a blessing to your pocket. While there might be other money-saving solutions, nothing beats power saving fans. Ceiling fans don’t increase the efficiency of your air conditioner. Instead, it adds a little amount of heat to your space. 

How Ceiling Fans Keep Us Cool And Also Save Money?

What high speed ceiling fans actually do is assist the biological cooling systems of our body to work better. These fans create a draft that drives out the hot air away from the skin. Further, it simply helps with natural evaporative cooling. On one hand, the ceiling fan doesn’t exactly help the air conditioning system. 

While on the other hand, it provides us a cooling along with saving some serious money. When the air conditioning is on, ceiling fans circulate the cooler air making people cool. Gradually, this lets you maximize the setpoint of your AC’s thermostat several degrees without any perceptible decrease in comfort. In an average home, you turn the thermostat up for every degree. 

As a result, you are decreasing the duration of its “on” cycles by 10 percent. This eventually cuts out the energy consumption of your house. 

Ceiling Fans Being Potent 

  • What it sums up is that when you use both of them together, you can stop worrying about turning up the thermostat. Especially, for about two to four degrees. This will eventually save some money. 
  • It is beyond doubt that ceiling fans cost us very little in comparison to an AC unit. Hence, optimizing this approach can push your savings without any additional discomfort. 
  • The first tip by the experts is to keep the interior doors in your house open. This will help your air conditioner pull air more easily and it will work more efficiently. The fan may create an illusion that the air is circulating better which ultimately tricks a lot of people. They keep their doors closed when they really should not. 
  • The second tip is even simpler. All you need to do is stop using fans in vacant rooms. Since they, in no way, help to decrease the temperature, they simply waste money. Especially if they do not put a breeze on a person. 

To Sum Up

Thus, consider using ceiling fans the next time you operate an air conditioner. Shop for decorative ceiling fans from Polar Electric. Polar fans are highly famous in the market for their most innovative and power-efficient quality. Make sure to contact them today.