Know Some Easy and Quick Cleaning Tips for Table Fan

Generally, we know that air conditioner has replaced the need of table fan but recently we can see people again started using table fans as they are cheap and also consume less electricity. A table fan is convenient and many table fan manufacturers in India have come with some latest designs that can also enable to make your room look stylish.

Table Fan Manufacturer in India

Summer is on its way and the time has come when we should unpack our table fan. To beat the scorching heat in the warmer months indeed installing a table fan is a wise idea. So the time has come to give a quick look to your table fan. To keep your table fan in the proper working condition it is important to provide little attention to its maintenance or else you have to end up in buying an online table fan.

  • It is important to avoid any kind of electrocution while cleaning the table fan. Never forget to unplug the table fan from the electrical outlet and always switch off the electrical sources.
  • If the fan is not used for a long time it is important that the first thing you do is to clean the blades of the fan.
  • Always ensure it at the first that whether air circulates in the motor or not, with the handled vacuum emit out the dirt located inside the motor.
  • Make sure that you don’t forget to remove the fan grill. To do this step, it is advised that you take a screwdriver. To clean up the blades you just need to unpin the brackets. Keep the grills in their original place using movable brackets.
  • Another very important factor that you must keep in minds that before you proceed to clean the blades of the fan that is to soak the grill properly in the tub of soap water. The water should be warm which will help to remove the dust which is accumulated on it. Blades of the table fan indeed are the most important element and either you can choose to wash the blades while it is still fitted with the fan or can remove the blades from the fan as well. After you completed this, wipe all the dust from the blades.
  • For cleaning the outer parts of the fan, it is advisable that you use a lint free cloth to wash out the excess dust. Gently wipe out all the dust and make sure that water should not get inserted in the motor of the table fan.
  • Once you have cleaned it, the time has come to reassemble the table fan parts but make sure that you screw up the blades properly as well as tightly and only when it got dried up completely.