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Malfunctioning Pedestal Fans: How To Solve The Glitches?

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If your pedestal fans are no longer in the best condition, you need some tips to fix the issues. Also, you need to make the right decision by choosing Polar fans

Pedestal fans are highly portable and light, making them easy to relocate. Unlike ceiling fans, these fans are easy to relocate, allowing you to position them wherever you choose and control them by just plugging the switch into the socket. 

Whether you use the best pedestal fans as a backup for your air conditioner or as your main source of cooling, you definitely want to have it repaired as soon as possible if it stopped operating. The methods in the list below will help you troubleshoot, identify, and fix your fan. 

Troubleshooting Steps For Pedestal Fans

Measure 1: Ensure that you plug it in

We’ve all probably experienced the “duh” moment when we noticed a broken item without plugging it in. Therefore, make sure that the connection of your fan is right before continuing.

Measure 2: Examine your circuit breaker

Verify that energy is flowing through the outlet. Verify that none of the breakers on your breaker panel has tripped. You must test each switch and reset any that tripped if there is no labeling in your fan. Investigating the cause of a tripped breaker is another smart move. Verify that there is not much load on the circuit and check the fan’s cord for any loose wires that might be sparking a short.

Measure 3: Verify That Power Is Being Received by the Outlet

If the aforementioned solutions didn’t work, plug in a receptacle tester to test the outlet to see if it’s operational. You can use another tiny portable device if you don’t have a tester. If it turns on without any problems, the outlet is undoubtedly functional. You have an electrical issue if it doesn’t.

Measure 4: Verify the Fan Fuse

A thermal fuse will be there in many larger fans. This uses a safety feature designed to keep fires from starting in less expensive fan motors. The fuse can change based on the fan.

Step 5: Change out any damaged cords

Check the cord’s whole length to verify there is no damage and that the connections to the plug and fan are secure. Has a pet chewed on the plug or is it frayed? Make sure the prongs are straight by inspecting them.

It’s quite simple to replace the wire itself if you find any issues with it and don’t want to buy a brand-new fan. Simply buy a replacement cord with the same plug type and wire gauge, then adhere to the instructions in this video guide or look over this written tutorial.


Many significant companies, like Polar, are presenting their best technological solutions to make the use of fans more feasible. With today’s cutting-edge technology, fans are also becoming smarter and more environmentally conscious. Contact the best online electrical appliances company that offers high speed, decorative and also, power saving fans.

Tips To Safeguard Electrical Appliances From The Rainy Season

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Monsoon is good for us but not for our high speed ceiling fan. The dampness in the environment often wrecks electrical appliances. Read this blog to know more. 

Sitting by the window and sipping your favourite beverage is the most soothing picture during monsoons. We do not have to worry about anything but electrical appliances. From the best pedestal fans to mixer grinders, everything deserves special attention these days. 

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Get Fresh Air Every Corner With Two Exotic Pedestal Fans By Polar

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Pedestal fans have been an essential life-saver during the hot summer months and so are Polar fans. This blog is all about two amazing pedestal fans by Polar. 

Summers tend to have a profound impact on our souls. It’s the time when we mostly buy an online pedestal fan for maximizing our comfort. However, before opting for a pedestal fan, there are certain things that you should know. Given below are two amazing pedestal fans that will make you want them immediately. 

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Which Is The Right Choice For You Pedestal Or Ceiling Fans?

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There has always been a debate between choosing the right type of fan for your room- be it either ceiling or the best pedestal fans. Let us take a closer look. 

A must-have appliance for your home, the importance of a ceiling fan can never be neglected. Modern fans with automatic control and a stylish finish have replaced conventional fans. Choosing the most economical fans will not be the perfect addition to your home but will help to save energy bills. 

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Buying Guide For Efficient Pedestal Fans: What To Look Out For?

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If you are still undecided on “which fans should I buy?”, we have the right answer for you. Purchase efficient pedestal fans from the best electric appliance brand-Polar. 

Pedestal fans circulate the air all around the room by rotating on different sides and it is perfect for larger spaces. The best part is they have very low maintenance and they are extremely easy to clean and maintain. Also, they are easy to install, maintain and clean since you do not have to face the hassle of reaching up to the ceiling.  They are economical, and you can move them from one place to another without any hassle. Moreover, let us not forget that these fans are environment-friendly. 

Buying superior quality, the best pedestal fans without compromising on the price can be a tough and challenging process. Do not worry because we have some tips for you to pick the fans that will best suit your purpose. 

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Features Of Pedestal Fans That Makes It A Must Buy For Summers

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Still thinking, ‘which fans should I buy?” Leave your worry aside and purchase Polar Pedestal fans. These will make your room airy in a humid climate. 


In hot, humid summer months, it is important that you pick the best online electrical appliances that reduce your uneasiness. When you are looking for both comfortability and budgeting, there are two electrical appliances that you can trust. These are the good old ceiling fans and pedestal fans. Both of these perform the same tasks of circulating air properly, thereby bringing the temperature down.

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Bring Home the Best Electrical Appliances this Dhanteras

Best Electrical AppliancesWelcome, Dhanteras with auspicious purchases ranging from jewelry, cars, to useful online electrical appliances. Here is a list of the most popular appliances in demand.

The Diwali week starts with the auspicious Dhanteras. A day celebrated to seek the divine blessings of Laxmi Maa, the Goddess of prosperity & wealth. According to common beliefs, buying and gifting presents is a common part of the tradition. People indulge in purchasing gold, silver, other valuable jewels, some buy cars, or start a new business venture. There is a majority, who deck up their homes with the best online electrical appliances Continue reading Bring Home the Best Electrical Appliances this Dhanteras

Essential Home Appliances that You Need In Your House Now

Electrical AppliancesWith technological upgrades, user-friendly appliances like high-speed ceiling fans, induction cookers, mixers & other gadgets will make your life simple & hassle-free.

Online electrical home appliances play an important role in the domestic life of any common man. Today without these easy-to-use, time-saving, and essential appliances most of our lives are going to be at a  standstill. These are efficient in making our lives more convenient and comfortable as they are the perfect aid for cooking, cleaning, and washing.  Continue reading Essential Home Appliances that You Need In Your House Now

For Relaxing Diwali Parties at Home, Choose Powerful Pedestal Fans

best pedestal fansIf you want an extra cooling source, invest in the best pedestal fans in India from Polar. Know about the advantages of pedestal fans to help you with your buying decisions.

Diwali gives us the opportunity to fill our lives with excitement and fun with festive shopping, delicious food, and endless outings. But before Diwali sets in, we have this huge task of cleaning and arranging our homes to make it festive-worthy. With so much hard and exhaustion, you are bound to feel out of breath,  this is the time when you need the best pedestal fans to help you cool instantly.  Continue reading For Relaxing Diwali Parties at Home, Choose Powerful Pedestal Fans

Touch Up Your Home With the Best Polar Fans this Festive Season

best online electrical appliancesThe auspicious occasion of Durga Puja is nearing and it is reason enough to invest in low-cost, high-speed ceiling polar fans to add that festive touch to your rooms.

Temperature regulation is the main reason that we invest in quality ceiling fans. India is a tropical climate, hence most of the time we experience hot and humid climate. And with the virus attack still not showing many positive results, this puja you have to limit your pandal hopping ideas and curb some of your outing plans. Thus, shifting your celebrations to your own house can be the best idea to enjoy with your loved ones and not become a victim of the deadly coronavirus. To make your guests comfortable indoors, it is imperative to avail of the best online electrical appliances Continue reading Touch Up Your Home With the Best Polar Fans this Festive Season