Prepare Tasty and Healthy Navratri Recipes at Home this Year

best online electrical appliancesReady for healthy-gluten free home-made Navratri special food items? Read to know how your everyday online electrical appliances lend a helping hand on this occasion. 

The auspicious Navratri festival is knocking on your doors. As the name suggests, this festival spans across 9 days and Hindus celebrate this in honor of Goddess Durga, who comes on earth to stay with her beloved devotees. During the proceedings of the ritual, the devotees worship nine incarnations of Goddess Durga with full devotion and utmost dedication. Fasting on these 9 days is a very common practice. But there are certain food items that one can consume, even markets have plenty of supplies of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other items essential during this festive occasion. Devotees prepare all the Navratri special delicacies at home which consist of a sattvic diet or you can say ‘Vrat ka khana’. Usually eating out is avoided and everything is prepared with great zeal at home. Thus, the presence of the best online electrical appliances is the primary requirement. 

Some Healthy Navratri Recipes that You Can Try At Home this Year:-

  • Sabudana Khichdi:-

    span style=”font-weight: 400;”>Sabudana is an instant energy booster as it is loaded with good quality starch and carbohydrate. You can easily have sabudana khichdi on vrat days. With the help of induction cookers online you can make delicious khichdi in minutes with mild spices, fresh herbs, and a sprinkle of peanuts. Today there are a variety of appliances available in the market that have various features and types. So you can choose an induction cooker of a price in your budget and enjoy this dish which also is a favorite among children. 

  • Healthy Milkshakes and Beverages:-

    Sometimes it is a common practice to breakfast with some kind of beverage after having water. Devotees also do not like to indulge in heavy meals right after the fast. Therefore having a refreshing and light milkshake will be the perfect fit.  You can make different types of milkshakes and sherbets if you have the best juicer mixer grinder with you. 

  • Pulao Especially for Vrats:-

    If you are observing Navratri fasts, there will be certain limitations on the type of food you eat. Ordinary rice and roti will be off the list. However, if you are a sucker of rice dishes and cannot live without it, you can as well try Samai ke chawal that is made from barnyard millet. You can prepare pulao which tastes delicious and yummy. Buy electric rice cookers online to make your work easy in preparing such delicacies. 

Thus, this Navratri cooks your favorite Vrat food at home with Polar’s best kitchen appliances. Shop for rice cookers, juicers, induction cookware, mixer grinders online at the best prices. So hurry and avail of the festive offer and deals now!