Solutions For Proper Rotation Of Mixer Blades

Mixer grinder is one of the most favourable kitchen appliances online stores that are used a lot in kitchens. But you must also know that sometimes the blades do not work properly and here are the reasons.

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A mixer grinder is surely one of the most required home appliances and is available in any kitchen appliances online store. This device is not used for a single day but required for every day for cooking. You definitely can’t just think cooking without it. But sometimes it can show some kinds of problem as well as faults. You can understand it when you see that the blades of the mixer grinder are not rotating properly. But it is very important that you must know the exact reason before solving the issue.

Damaged Bearing :-  The most usual reason is not rotating the blade of the mixer perfectly. It happens because the salty matters get deposited in the blades and block the mechanism to rotate it smoothly. The salt material also corrodes the bearings of the mixer grinder and totally damages the blade and it surely unable to rotate. Thus, your appliance actually becomes useless to use. What you can do it you can manually rotate the blades with your hand and if you see that still, it does not work then you can put few drops of either coconut or mustard oil. Then put the mixer upside down. As you are done with it tries to rotate the blade again and keep the jar of the grinder aside for nearly 10 minutes. Then attach it to the electric board and run the grinder. If it runs automatically then your problem is solved.

Broken motor coupler :- Another common reason for not rotating your mixer grinder’s blade is due to the breaking of motor coupler. According to different home appliances manufacturers, the cause of this can be due to overloading, putting inferior quality materials and also the same appliance is used for longer period. In this case, you cannot do any DIY activity and you need to change the coupler as soon as possible.

Damaged electric wire :- If any of the wires in the motor of the mixer grinder is damaged then the blades of the mixer grinder will also not work properly. Thus, it is very important that you must inspect the wire of the mixer grinder at regular intervals. If you cannot do it yourself then you can call any professional for the same. If you see that the wire is totally damaged then you can even change it as per your requirement.

Let the air escape from your mixer grinder :- Sometimes along with the mixer blades, the lid of the jar also gets blocked. It happens because the air that blocked in the lid of the jar tends to compress the lid. Thus, if it’s not opening you should contact the professional to open it.

So, now as you know the most important reasons why the mixer blade is not rotating properly you must take proper steps of conducting it.