Some Tips for Maintaining and Installing Geysers

Geysers Company in IndiaHave you bought a new geyser for your home from this winter from the most reputed geyser company in India? Well, then relax now during the chilly winter days.

A geyser, just like the other electronic home appliances, needs care while installation and maintenance. Though the best geyser company in India provides the best quality parts, which can deal with continuous heating and cooling, you must remember that even those parts will get damaged and wear down if used roughly and put under the maximum pressure. This blog has some tips for geyser installation and maintenance to prolong the life of the appliance despite the constant expansion and contraction due to heating and cooling.

  • Space around the Water Heater:- When you have bought a water heater and planning to install it, just remember to leave some space around the geyser that is between the walls and the appliances. If there is no space left there then the technicians will not be able to service it or repair it later on whenever required.
  • Install the Geyser at Proper Height:- The experts always recommend that you must install the water heater at a height of minimum two to six feet from the floor. This will make sure that the pressure of the water is sufficient and you will get adequate hot water flow from the tap rather than trickling down of hot water.
  • Electrical Switches and Connections:- Make sure that your geyser is well connected to the miniature circuit breaker that is the MCB, which cuts off the electricity when there are fluctuations in the main power supply. This minimizes the chances of short-circuiting. Also make sure that the switches are at a good height from the reach of the kids in the house.
  • Do not Switch on the Geyser for too long Period:- People generally prefer keeping the geysers switched on for long time thinking that this will help to heat up the water more. But it is a totally wrong concept. The latest models take around five minutes to heat up water completely. So, keeping the switch on for extended time periods will not heat water more but will surely damage the appliance very soon.
  • Lowers the Temperature to Save more Electricity:- Regular maintenance of geysers is equally important as the maintenance of the other electronic devices in your home. Frequent servicing and maintenance help to save more electricity. It is also suggested to keep the temperature setting of the geyser low to extend the life of the appliance. Moreover, this will also not let the water heat up to such a temperature that can cause accidental burns. Thus, it is important to lower the thermostat especially for those families that have small kids.

So, what’s your duty after doing online shopping of home appliances like a geyser? Your duty will be to maintain it and use it with care to give it a longer life. Geyser maintenance will make sure you never run out of warm water during the cold days.