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Why Is It Better To Choose Power Saving Ceiling Fans Over ACs?

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There has always been a debate between Fans Vs AC. If you want to know whether low cost ceiling fans are a better option than ACs or not, keep reading.

Among the many methods of space cooling, the most popular ones are air conditioners and ceiling fans.  Homeowners now widely use both these cooling systems as the mercury keeps soaring in the summer months. However, running a power saving fan is ten times more beneficial than an AC. It is true that air conditioners make you comfortable in a shorter span of time but from the budget point of view ceiling fans are cost-saving.  Continue reading Why Is It Better To Choose Power Saving Ceiling Fans Over ACs?

Why Should You Install Ceiling Fans With Three Blades?

high-speed ceiling fanAccording to Indian standards, high-speed ceiling fans here have three blades unlike countries in the West. Want to know the reason? Keep reading.

A ceiling fan’s main function is to make the space comfortable by circulating cool air. Today a high-speed, decorative ceiling fan can be the perfect addition to your home. There has been a rising question about why we have three-blades in ceiling fans in India. We have well-proven scientific facts to give you the right data. 

The Truth Behind Using Ceiling Fans With Three Blades In India:

  • Many believe that additional numbers of blades build more airflow but this is a misinterpretation. Instead, it can worsen the condition by increasing the aerodynamics of the motor. 
  • In the United States, the primary requirement of ceiling fans is to supplement the air conditioners during the warmer months of the year. Moreover, these fans sometimes have a reverse switch that can be flipped to turn the direction of rotation. The technology comes in handy during cool winters to circulate the warm air produced from the heaters. So the addition of 4 or 5 blades works here. 
  • India’s tropical humid climate requires a higher magnitude of air to create a cooling effect.  Therefore, adding more blades and reducing its productivity is a bad decision. In India, as the number of blades is lesser, it can work with maximum speed. Hence, it is successful in combating the extreme humid temperature prevailing in the country. 
  • Technologically speaking, the lesser the number of blades of a ceiling fan, the better is the air delivery. With a higher number of blades, the fan becomes slower, and hence its capacity of delivering air also decreases. According to research and study, three blades are the optimum number of blades for air movement and efficiency. Additional blades increase the drag on a ceiling fan’s motor which ultimately slows it down. 

Reasons Why You Should Switch To Polar Ceiling Fans?

Whenever you have the question in mind which fan should I buy?, you should weigh all the factors before finalizing one.  We have some reasons as to why you should consider buying Polar fans.

  • Polar’s high-speed ceiling fans have the latest technology for better air circulation. The greater blade pitch, efficiently sized motor, correct blade angle, make the appliance perfect. 
  • The improved features, superior quality appliances, and safety measures make Polar fans a must-have for every Indian home. 
  • With Polar low-cost, most affordable fans, you need not spend a huge amount of money from your pocket. Hence, both price and functionality are top-notch and it is a win-win situation for you. 
  • Gone are the days when ceiling fans were just used for their capacity to cool any given space.  You can add a dash of style and make your room look more elegant with decorative ceiling fans from the brand. 

So, now that you know the features offered by Polar fans, we are sure you will want to place your order. Hurry and choose fans that suit your needs.

Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans Can Be The Right Addition To Your Home

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There is a difference in the working principle of ordinary & power saving fansIf you want to purchase energy-efficient decorative ceiling fans, you should check out Polar’s website.

Ceiling fans are still the primary source of cooling in a tropical country like India. A good quality, high speed ceiling fan’s primary purpose is to circulate air and create airflow. 

An ordinary ceiling fan requires 75-80 W. Due to its elevated position and its ability to cover a larger portion, it requires greater power. There are many factors that determine the power utilization of a fan. But the rising utility bills can be a huge setback and requires you to find an alternate option that is affordable and comforting. 

Continue reading Energy-Efficient Ceiling Fans Can Be The Right Addition To Your Home

Finding The Best Power Saving Fan For Your Home: Essential Facts

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Did you know that power saving ceiling, table, and pedestal fans bought online can reduce up to 60 percent of your electricity bill?  Want to know more? Read on.

If you want to beat the summer heat, your best option is to trade your existing ordinary fans for high-speed, energy-efficient ceiling fans. Constant air-conditioning has adverse health effects and will take your electricity bills sky-high. So, if you want to save your hard-earned money, it is important to understand how a power-saving ceiling fan can be your best friend. The rising demand for such low-cost, powerful ceiling fans is due to their exceptional functionality. 

Recently, there have been questions regarding which is more cost-effective among ceiling fans, table fans, and pedestal fans. Also, customers want to know which is more efficient in terms of performance, quality, and energy-efficiency. 

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Useful Tips And Hacks For Maintaining Ceiling Fans At Home

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Is the soaring temperature giving you sleepless nights? Buy decorative high-speed ceiling fans from Polar. Check out some tips to maintain ceiling fans effectively.

One of the most useful but the most neglected appliances at home  is a ceiling fan. When it works just fine we do not pay any heed, but a little faulty performance makes us anxious. Whether you buy the best high-speed ceiling fan or not, periodic maintenance is a must. Over time, your fans will get dusty, and can also get a little bit out of balance. This can make them wobbly and also create a humming sound. 

Hiring a professional to look after household maintenance may seem quite a convenient and easy solution as you do not have to put in the extra effort. But if you think for a while you will realize that you can do most of the tasks by yourself without any professional help. The benefits are you can do it according to your time preference and in the process, you will save quite an amount of money.

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Sleeping With A Ceiling Fan Switched On: What Are The Benefits?

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A must-have appliance for homes, the importance of a high speed low cost ceiling fan can never be neglected. There are some benefits of keeping the fan on all night. Read here. 

Can you imagine surviving the scorching summer heat without turning on your ceiling fan? It seems a scary idea right? Most parts of India experience the uncomfortable, humid,  summer weather that lasts from the end of March to the end of June. Today there are endless options in the market to choose from the type of fan you require- a simple traditional one or a decorative ceiling fan. In fact, you also can avail power saving low cost ceiling fans. 

With the temperature reaching sky high, and even winters getting warmer, ceiling fans are an indispensable asset. It is true that air conditioners have somewhat reduced their popularity but for the majority of users, energy-saving ceiling fans are better than ACs. While all of us are aware that leaving air-conditioners turned on an entire night every single day can be a health risk, what about ceiling fans?

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A Handy Guide to Choose The Right Ceiling Fans For Your Room

Low Cost Ceiling Fans

With winter almost vanishing, it is time to start preparing your house for summers. Purchase ceiling fans of superior quality from the best online electrical appliance brand.

In tropical countries like India, high temperatures during summers make flashing headlines. No matter where you are, the scorching high-temperature rise is enough to make you sweat profusely. 

Are you looking to exchange your existing ceiling fan or want to purchase a new one? We know there is no dearth of options in the market and at times the choices can be overwhelming. So, to help you select the best power saving high speed ceiling fan for your home, we have some important guidelines that you can go through. 

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Main Causes For Noisy Ceiling Fans: Tips For Effective Solutions

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High-speed ceiling fans at home can be a great source of comfort in the warmer summer months. Stay away from unwanted ceiling fan noises with these tips and tricks.

A ceiling fan gets its rating depending on air-flow capacity, efficiency, blades, motor, and design. If it scores well in all these departments, it will lead to an increase in sales. However, the one problem we often encounter even after buying the best quality high-speed low-cost ceiling fans is the disturbing ceiling fan noises. Different problems in ceiling fans will cause different noises. 

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Purchase Quality Ceiling & Table Fans to Experience Their Benefits

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Experience a gush of fresh air with high speed ceiling and table fans. Choose from a wide variety of power saving, low cost fans that give you increased comfortability.

There is nothing more functional and useful than a fan in your home. A common electric device that is present in almost every Indian household, fans are an integral part of our lives. India being a tropical country, the usage of a fan continues not only in summer months but also during the normal days. Though air conditioners, coolers have seen a rising increase in their sale, but nothing can beat the widespread use of ceiling fans, table or pedestal fans. Low-cost ceiling fans and table fans that are high speed thus help to increase your comfortability without putting much stress on your pocket. 

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Best Ways to Enhance the Air Circulation of A Room In Summers

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Do you know that good air circulation has immense health benefits? Yes, it is a proven fact. Know more about the importance of adding high-speed ceiling fans in your home. 

Ceiling fans still act as the primary source of cooling in every house. It helps to enhance the fresh feel and comfortability of a room. The sale of air coolers and air conditioners has been rising but nothing can beat the widespread use of a ceiling fan. The increase in demand for energy-efficient ceiling fans at an affordable price led to the emergence of low-cost ceiling fans that score in terms of functionality as well. 

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