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Some Easy And Quick Tips To Keep Your Home Cool In This Hot Summer

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If you want to remain cool in this hot summer, switch to power saving fans. Convenient, functional, and affordable option. Take some clue from here.

We know it’s hot out there and you are making every effort to keep your cool. As the temperature takes a massive jump and makes everyone uncomfortable, the sale of air conditioners is increasing. But did you pause a moment to think how much energy the AC consumes? And what about the massive chunk of money you are spending on electricity bills? 

Statistics suggest that cooling accounts for nearly 6% of the total energy consumed in a household. If you keep the AC turned on for almost the whole day, this percentage can rise. Thus, keeping in mind both comfort and pocket pinch, marketers feel power saving fans are a great alternative. 

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Why Should You Install Ceiling Fans With Three Blades?

high-speed ceiling fanAccording to Indian standards, high-speed ceiling fans here have three blades unlike countries in the West. Want to know the reason? Keep reading.

A ceiling fan’s main function is to make the space comfortable by circulating cool air. Today a high-speed, decorative ceiling fan can be the perfect addition to your home. There has been a rising question about why we have three-blades in ceiling fans in India. We have well-proven scientific facts to give you the right data. 

The Truth Behind Using Ceiling Fans With Three Blades In India:

  • Many believe that additional numbers of blades build more airflow but this is a misinterpretation. Instead, it can worsen the condition by increasing the aerodynamics of the motor. 
  • In the United States, the primary requirement of ceiling fans is to supplement the air conditioners during the warmer months of the year. Moreover, these fans sometimes have a reverse switch that can be flipped to turn the direction of rotation. The technology comes in handy during cool winters to circulate the warm air produced from the heaters. So the addition of 4 or 5 blades works here. 
  • India’s tropical humid climate requires a higher magnitude of air to create a cooling effect.  Therefore, adding more blades and reducing its productivity is a bad decision. In India, as the number of blades is lesser, it can work with maximum speed. Hence, it is successful in combating the extreme humid temperature prevailing in the country. 
  • Technologically speaking, the lesser the number of blades of a ceiling fan, the better is the air delivery. With a higher number of blades, the fan becomes slower, and hence its capacity of delivering air also decreases. According to research and study, three blades are the optimum number of blades for air movement and efficiency. Additional blades increase the drag on a ceiling fan’s motor which ultimately slows it down. 

Reasons Why You Should Switch To Polar Ceiling Fans?

Whenever you have the question in mind which fan should I buy?, you should weigh all the factors before finalizing one.  We have some reasons as to why you should consider buying Polar fans.

  • Polar’s high-speed ceiling fans have the latest technology for better air circulation. The greater blade pitch, efficiently sized motor, correct blade angle, make the appliance perfect. 
  • The improved features, superior quality appliances, and safety measures make Polar fans a must-have for every Indian home. 
  • With Polar low-cost, most affordable fans, you need not spend a huge amount of money from your pocket. Hence, both price and functionality are top-notch and it is a win-win situation for you. 
  • Gone are the days when ceiling fans were just used for their capacity to cool any given space.  You can add a dash of style and make your room look more elegant with decorative ceiling fans from the brand. 

So, now that you know the features offered by Polar fans, we are sure you will want to place your order. Hurry and choose fans that suit your needs.

Enjoy Excellence In Every Spin: Powerful Decorative Ceiling Fans

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Choose the perfect ceiling fan design for your home interiors. Shop online for an extensive range of decorative ceiling fans, high speed fans for your home and office space. 

If you are thinking that your ceiling fan is the only outdated object in your newly renovated home, we suggest you think again. 

Ceiling fan manufacturers in India now design modern decorative fans that are perfect for contemporary homes. It is easy to underestimate the value of ceiling fans as a decorative element as we only think of traditional age-old designs. But innovation and advancement, have come a long way.  And finding a ceiling fan that ticks all the right boxes in terms of functionality and style is not difficult anymore.   

Some Tips To Choose The Right Decorative Ceiling Fans For Your Home:-

  • If your modern home has a lot of steel or metal finish, you can choose a ceiling fan that has chrome or nickel finishes. This will enhance the metallic accent of the space and bring its superiority. 
  • If you prefer minimalistic decor and your house runs on that theme, we suggest you purchase high speed ceiling fans that have a single color. You can color contrast in this scenario. For example, if you have a white-themed or a beige-themed decor, you can add a jet black ceiling fan for contrast. This will bring out both the colors perfectly and make it look vibrant. 
  • For industrial style decors, you can select ceiling fans that have the retro touch to them like wire detailing or intricate designs on their long blades, etc. 
  • The transitional decor is a fluid style with a crazy mix of traditional as well as modern touch and color schemes. Choose ceiling fan designs with metal etchings, pull chains, halogen lights to your living room if it’s very spacious or your dining hall. This will add glamor and a luxury feel to your rooms. 

How Ceiling Fans Make You Feel Cool In The Summers?

Air conditioners are the most common choice for people who want to escape the extreme summer heat and humidity. But are they economical? NO. The electric consumption is huge in ACs and is not an affordable option for most Indians. 

So, if you want to stay cool and also keep your utility bills in check, there are nothing better than low cost, power saving electric ceiling fans. Your body can cool itself in a number of ways among which evaporation is the most common method. So when you switch on your ceiling fan, the moving air will make you feel much cooler by boosting the process of evaporation. It helps in increasing your body’s evaporation rate, making all the sweat and also, perspiration vanish leaving you cool and fresh. 

You can purchase High speed, decorative ceiling fans from Polar Electricals that are unique and stylish in design and also have a great cooling capacity.

Facts To Know About Ceiling Fans: Their Efficiency And Functionality

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Buy online decorative, low-cost ceiling fans to bring home superior style and enhanced comfortability. Read to know some important facts about your ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are an essential addition for every living space starting from residential spaces to offices. It gives you a comfortable breeze and boosts airflow that creates a cooling sensation. Today if you go to the market, you will find endless options of ceiling fans from high speed ones to the much-hyped decorative ceiling fans. While the underlying purpose of buying ceiling fans remains the same, each of these variants solves a specific purpose. 

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Useful Tips And Hacks For Maintaining Ceiling Fans At Home

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Is the soaring temperature giving you sleepless nights? Buy decorative high-speed ceiling fans from Polar. Check out some tips to maintain ceiling fans effectively.

One of the most useful but the most neglected appliances at home  is a ceiling fan. When it works just fine we do not pay any heed, but a little faulty performance makes us anxious. Whether you buy the best high-speed ceiling fan or not, periodic maintenance is a must. Over time, your fans will get dusty, and can also get a little bit out of balance. This can make them wobbly and also create a humming sound. 

Hiring a professional to look after household maintenance may seem quite a convenient and easy solution as you do not have to put in the extra effort. But if you think for a while you will realize that you can do most of the tasks by yourself without any professional help. The benefits are you can do it according to your time preference and in the process, you will save quite an amount of money.

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How To Deep Clean Ceiling Fans? Tips To Get Rid Of Dust & Grease

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Do you want your ceiling fans to work perfectly all throughout? Then, buy ceiling fans in India from the best brand and allot time to deep clean them. Here are a few tips for you.

Ceiling fans are the most popular appliance in every Indian household. The tropical weather of the country calls for its excessive usage with the fans spinning every hour of the day in the summer months. It makes the room fresh, airy, and comfortable. 

Whenever there is any problem regarding the proper working of the ceiling fans. The only thing that we do is go to buy another high speed ceiling fan to replace the old ones. But do you know that negligence in keeping the ceiling fans clean can lead to its slowing speed or effective functioning? Yes, it is true that the accumulation of dust, dirt, and grease can make your ceiling fans useless.  Continue reading How To Deep Clean Ceiling Fans? Tips To Get Rid Of Dust & Grease

Main Causes For Noisy Ceiling Fans: Tips For Effective Solutions

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High-speed ceiling fans at home can be a great source of comfort in the warmer summer months. Stay away from unwanted ceiling fan noises with these tips and tricks.

A ceiling fan gets its rating depending on air-flow capacity, efficiency, blades, motor, and design. If it scores well in all these departments, it will lead to an increase in sales. However, the one problem we often encounter even after buying the best quality high-speed low-cost ceiling fans is the disturbing ceiling fan noises. Different problems in ceiling fans will cause different noises. 

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Best Ways to Enhance the Air Circulation of A Room In Summers

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Do you know that good air circulation has immense health benefits? Yes, it is a proven fact. Know more about the importance of adding high-speed ceiling fans in your home. 

Ceiling fans still act as the primary source of cooling in every house. It helps to enhance the fresh feel and comfortability of a room. The sale of air coolers and air conditioners has been rising but nothing can beat the widespread use of a ceiling fan. The increase in demand for energy-efficient ceiling fans at an affordable price led to the emergence of low-cost ceiling fans that score in terms of functionality as well. 

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Why Every Home Must Have A Ceiling Fans? Advantages and buying Guide

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Buy new power-saving, decorative ceiling fans for your rooms as winter is coming to an end. Here are some benefits and buying guides for the right ceiling fans.

We all are enjoying the cool wintery vibe, sitting comfortably wrapped under blankets and woolens. The disappointing part is that winter in India does not last long and by the end of February, it is almost a distant dream in most parts of the country. Being a tropical country, it experiences more summer months and that is what you should be preparing for now. It is time that you start rechecking all your essential household summer appliances like power-saving, high-speed ceiling fans

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What Are the Easiest Ways to Clean A Ceiling Fan For Better Functionality?

Easy Tips to Clean Ceiling Fans

Let your house be a reflection of the finer things in life. Add decorative high-speed ceiling fans to your house. Here are some cleaning hacks for your ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans are common appliances present in every home. The extreme heat and humidity in summers can disrupt your peace of mind. Hence to maintain your cool and smooth running of errands, comfort is very important. Today, it is impossible to live without super-efficient, power-saving fans. These fans not only range high in terms of functionality but also contribute to energy consumption.

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