5 Cool Recipes That Will Surely Make Your Summer Cooler!

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Summer is all about eating light foods and delicious drinks. Here are some recipes that you would want to prepare using the best mixer grinder. So, read more. 

It is the best time of the year when all you want to do is sit back and relax by the beach. However, the days with extreme temperatures make it difficult for us to have a strict diet. On such days, all you need is the perfect smoothie that makes you full without being heavy. Get ready to buy mixer grinder online and prepare delicious recipes. 

Top Summer Recipes To Beat The Heat 

  1. Chilled Watermelon And Kiwi Mocktail 

One can prepare this super chilly drink with fresh watermelon and kiwi pieces. Not only is it healthy but also provides excellent hydration. As we all know, watermelon is rich in fibre and water content. Conversely, kiwis are full of Vitamin C and are excellent for gut health. So, pull up your socks and use your Polar mixer grinder to make this essential mocktail. 

  1. Pomegranate Power Punch

Nothing beats the refreshment served by a pomegranate mojito. And when it is your favourite day of the year, this recipe is a must-have. What sounds even better is that its preparation takes less than a minute. Polar mixer grinders are designed to meet all your recipe needs within a short duration of time. 

  1. The Aam Panna Madness 

What’s summer without the sweet-salty touch of mangoes? This fleshy and juicy fruit adds a splash of taste to your beach days. You can prepare Aam Panna by bringing fresh raw mangoes, mint leaves, roasted cumin, some sugar, black salt and ice, obviously. Since this drink has a tangy flavour, make sure to serve it alongside some sweet delicacy. 

  1. Pink Lemonade 

In the list of refreshing summer drinks, how can one forget the good traditional lemonade? It is an absolute summer delight that is very easy to prepare at home. All you need is an innovative polar mixer grinder like Polar. Moreover, this drink is rich in the goodness of Vitamin C which makes it an excellent addition to our summer drinks list. 

  1. Virgin Cucumber Splash

Last but not least is cucumber. It is an exceptional refreshing ingredient for summer drinks. This virgin cucumber cooler is a delightful drink that can keep you fresh as well as hydrated all day long. With the tangy as well as a juicy lemon hint, this can be your ultimate go-to drink for summers. 


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