A Comprehensive Guide To Purchasing Efficient Hot Water Geysers

Questions before buying geyser

With chilling winds around the corner, we cannot even think of taking a bath. 5 stars rated geysers are helpful to comfort our cold souls during the winter months. 

Every geysers company in India claims to sell the finest quality geysers. But how do I know which one is the right choice? Follow this article to know the facts you must consider while purchasing an efficient, cost-effective hot water geyser. 

Points To Observe While Buying Geysers

Begin With Basics

  • There is a very basic and easy principle behind the operation of geysers. There is a heating element present which heats the water. The warm water remains inside an insulated tank that comes in various sizes. This is the most common functioning of any geyser, irrespective of its brand. 
  • Now, when it comes to selecting the right water geyser, one of the most significant factors is observing the storage tank. What is its water storing capacity? For individual use, one would require a water geyser having a tank capacity of 1-5 liters. 
  • Geysers come in such capacities as storage tanks. These are also known as instant geysers. For a family with two to three members, it is wise to choose a storage tank capacity of 6 liters. For 4-5 members, you may use a 10-15 liters storage tank capacity geyser. 

Other Essential Specifications

  • Energy consumption is another noteworthy point. Optimizing a geyser in your home may really affect your savings. Especially if it is not energy efficient. Hence, you must always opt for a geyser that is at least a 4 to 5-star rating. And this is not only for geysers but also for other categories of electrical appliances. 
  • When we talk about wattage, we do not require to go into the technicalities of the word. Wattage for a layman simply indicates how readily or fast can you get the hot water after turning ON the geyser. It is always a great idea to opt for a higher watt geyser because it will save both your time and electricity.
  • You must also look for other additional features such as the automatic thermal cut-off and safety valve for releasing pressure. A geyser is great when it has an adjustable thermostat setting and a rust-proof inner and outer body. 

Cost Cutting Geyser

  • The last but important thing to see in a geyser is whether it is reducing your electricity bills or increasing them. Never go for a water geyser that goes on multiplying the numbers on your electricity bill. 


With these points in mind, you are all set to buy a geyser. Purchase the best geysers at extremely low prices only from Polar Electric. The industry is well-known for its reliable electrical appliances that go strong for years. So, get in touch with them today.