How Polar Prioritizes Health and Safety While Fulfilling Customer Orders.

Polar Prioritizes Health and SafetyWe at Polar prioritize the safety and health of our employees and customers. Let us explain to you how we are maintaining safety while we continue to serve you.

We are Polar- India’s most loved and cherished supplier of home appliances online. In this time of crisis we pledge to protect everyone and provide them with the necessary care. We put the health of our employees and customers first and that is why we are doing everything in our hand to take the right measurements. As soon as the Coronavirus stuck we started implementing changes which will help both us and you.

Safety Measurements:-

  1. We are continuously screening our employees and checking their temperature for any sickness. If anyone is seeing with a cough or cold, then we are sending them home right away. They will not return until they are completely fine. 
  2. We are also continuously distributing masks and sanitizers to our employees and donating millions of them everywhere. Our people did undergo training to take care of this and fight the pandemic.
  3. Another precaution is keeping an eye on each and everyone working with us and even those who are not symptomatic. 
  4. Also, we are very particular about cleaning and maintaining our products. They all go through an intensive and vigorous cleaning method. This includes layers of cleaning and sanitation. Our workers wear medical clovers and masks while handling any of them. No one gets in direct contact with any of the products.
  5. Professional experts are in charge of the cleaning process and thereby no stones are unturned. Disinfectant fogging is one of the practices we commonly use. It is a cleaning technique that hospitals and airlines generally use. This supplements the already cleaning steps that are there. 

Also, we are making sure our workers wash their hands as often as possible.

We also took the necessary steps to help in social distancing such as:-

  • Eliminating group gatherings and meetings. All our meetings now happen virtually through conference calls, signboards, text messages, emails, etc.
  • Employees eat and take breaks keeping their new parameters in mind. No one is allowed to share their food or water.
  • We strictly prohibit congestion and therefore everyone has a time difference between coming in and going home. No one gets in or out together.
  • Our team also took the decision of shifting the training spot and therefore no group gatherings.
  • Processes such as hiring and other things happen online. 
  • Always educating and empowering people about the current situation and updates.
  • We see to it that people strictly follow these steps. 
  • We are constantly working on improving every method. 
  • Your parcels and products are sanitized many times. 

We sell the best electrical appliances online like the best 10 ceiling fans in India. Therefore, we are constantly trying our best to serve you while keeping the health of our employees in mind. However, you can still enjoy some shopping and check out our website. Order your favorite mixer grinder, ceiling fans, etc while you have time. Visit our website or call our customer service for more information.


While safety is your priority, our priority is you. Therefore, the warranty period is extended so it gets easier for you. Please we urge you to stay safe at home.  We are all in this together.