Tips to Handle Packages Safely During this COVID-19 Pandemic

Handle Packages Safely- PolarThe dangerous CoronaVirus situation is still prevailing and it is scary. Read this blog to know how you can handle packages safely amidst this crisis.

The current situation of the world has made everyone go into self-isolation and social distancing. With the government announcing social distancing, life has come to a standstill. People are avoiding going out and crowds. While you still need essentials, most people are opting for online shopping. This way you can avoid the crowd and still get your essentials. Even if you want to shop for home appliances online, you can do so. But, are the packages sterile? Are they safe to handle immediately? The answer is no as multiple people touch those parcels. You never know where the package has been and how it came. So, how to ensure complete protection and handle the package safely? Keep reading this blog for more information.

How to Safely Handle Parcels?

  • The first step is to make a spot outside your house where they will deliver the packages. Place a mat or box there and ask the delivery person to leave your packages on it. This will prevent direct contact with the person.
  • Next, you need a disinfectant. It can be anything like a spray, wipe, wet towel, etc. Quickly spray it all over the box and wipe it with a tissue or the disinfectant wipes. Make sure your disinfectant has a good percentage of alcohol in them. Open the box, discard the wrap and packages safely. Disinfect the product and bring it inside.
  • Have a particular area inside your house to open packages. This will help in the sterilization and cleaning of the place easily. As this way, you will know exactly where the box touched. You should handle the best electrical appliances even more carefully.
  • Wipe and sanitize the next layer and take out the product. Repeat the same step for the product. 
  • Wash your hands and apply sanitizer. Do not touch your face immediately. 

According to reports, they state that the virus can remain alive for hours and days on surfaces and various materials. It can alone survive on cardboard surfaces for over 24 hours. This is why disinfecting anything that you come in contact with extremely important. 

These are some ways to handle a package carefully. For more information on this or best 10 ceiling fans in India, visit the website of Polar India.  Since, you give first priority to safety Polar puts you first. This is why they have extended the warranty period so that it becomes easier for you to handle every situation. Also, please stay safe at home.