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Modern Day Mixer Grinders vs. Traditional Mixer Grinders

online mixer grinderWith the advancement of time and technology, mixer grinders also became advanced and feature-packed. Buy online mixer grinder and see the magic in your kitchen.

A mixer grinder is one of the must-haves of every modern kitchen. Whether it is mixing, beating, blending, and whipping, an advanced mixer grinder serves all of these. Lots of changes are seen in the features, the functionalities, and the designs of the modern day mixer grinders. If you are looking for the latest model with all the advanced features then you can check out the online mixer grinder collection sitting at your comfort zone. Electrical home appliances available today in the market have taken over the traditional models. The main reason for which these advanced models are loved and preferred more over the older ones is the space crunch. Instead of opting for the juicers and mixers separately, it is always wise to go for the latest ones that have juicer, blender, and the other facilities in one single appliance. Let’s take a quick look at the modern day options and how these are much better than the conventional ones. Continue reading Modern Day Mixer Grinders vs. Traditional Mixer Grinders

Everything One Needs to Know Before Buying Wet Mixer Grinder

The best Kitchen Appliances Online store has come up with a new range of mixer grinders. Know a couple of things before buying any of the models online.Everything One Needs to Know Before Buying Wet Mixer GrinderThe wet grinders are the grinding machines that are used to grind scraped coconut, soaked grains, lentils, etc. into a fine smooth paste. These are designed for grinding in large quantities. Paste needed to make vada, medu, dosas, and idlis can be prepared easily now. In addition to this, the wet grinders are also used for grinding the masalas or chutneys on a large scale. Some of the latest models include an atta kneader that can be used to knead different types of dough. One can fine all the models in the most popular Kitchen Appliances Online store.

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Tips and Tricks to Clean Mixer Grinder At Home

Cleaning mixer grinder is definitely not a very big task but still people fears to understand it. Indeed mixer grinder is a very important kitchen appliance which people need to use on daily basis. People use the home appliance for a different purpose and as we know that the trend of buying online mixer grinder is increasing day by day. Thus, it is very important that you must clean the mixer grinder at regular intervals. So, start doing it today and do not compromise with your family’s hygiene.


Methods of cleaning mixer grinder at home

Sometimes it is seen that users generally clean the mixer grinder at home with usual techniques as they don’t want to buy an important kitchen appliance online at regular intervals. You must have tried many tricks and techniques to clean the mixer grinder but overall you are not just satisfied with it? But sometimes it is still found that cleaning the appliance with the normal method might not sufficient to clean the odour or the stain. And, sometimes the stain and odour also reach to other utensils also. Continue reading Tips and Tricks to Clean Mixer Grinder At Home