Everything One Needs to Know Before Buying Wet Mixer Grinder

The best Kitchen Appliances Online store has come up with a new range of mixer grinders. Know a couple of things before buying any of the models online.Everything One Needs to Know Before Buying Wet Mixer GrinderThe wet grinders are the grinding machines that are used to grind scraped coconut, soaked grains, lentils, etc. into a fine smooth paste. These are designed for grinding in large quantities. Paste needed to make vada, medu, dosas, and idlis can be prepared easily now. In addition to this, the wet grinders are also used for grinding the masalas or chutneys on a large scale. Some of the latest models include an atta kneader that can be used to knead different types of dough. One can fine all the models in the most popular Kitchen Appliances Online store.

If one wants to purchase a wet grinder online then a buying guide is needed. The facts and points below includes everything about this amazing.

Why a Wet Mixer Grinder is needed?

Most of the families today need a wet mixer grinder to make dosas, idlis, vadas, etc. at home only on a regular basis. This type of grinding appliance is better than the normal grinders because:

  • It is faster and more effective
  • It can make almost all ingredients into a smooth batter
  • It can be operated constantly for a long time span
  • It can be also used to grind different pulses and grains in large quantities
  • Grinding in this type of appliance can hold the genuine flavor of the grains or pulses

What are the Basic Categories of Wet Grinders?

There are Generally Two Types of Wet Grinders:-

  1. Tilting Type of Wet Grinder:- A tilting wet grinder utilizes less space. In the smaller houses, these types of grinders are more preferred. These appliances are designed with the rolling stones that do not make high noise. With the wet grinding capacities, these are found to have dry grinding abilities as well.
  2. Table-Top Wet Grinder:- The wet grinders are portable and can be placed on top of the table due to its small size and easy-t-maintain feature. Wet grinders can be used for various types of grinding applications like pulping of vegetables for the soups, making different types of chutneys and preparing batter for the dosas, vadas, and idlis.

Things that are needed to be checked while purchasing Online Mixer Grinder are listed out below. When one plans to purchase a wet grinder from the online store, some of the basic things should be checked out prior to buying.

These are As Follows: –

Motor:- The technical specifications of the motor are important. If the power of the motor is greater, then the grinding process will be faster that is it will take less time to grind the ingredients into a fine paste.

Drum Capacity:- Based on the number of the family members one will have to choose the right drum capacity grinding appliance.

Number of Grinding Stones:- Wet grinders are generally designed with two or three grinding stones. However, the models having three grinding stones are much faster and high-performing appliances.

Warranty:- Prior to buying the appliance online, one should definitely check whether the company is offering greater warranty period or not.

Energy Efficiency:- Prior to buying online, just check whether the wet grinders provide any extra power saving attributes or not.

Designs and Aesthetics:- There are several designs and colors of these types of grinders in the online range. If one is conscious about the aesthetics and the design, he or she can choose as per the taste and the kitchen’s design.

Maintenance Efficiency:- Easy of maintenance is considered as one of the major factors while picking any of the grinding appliances.