Tips to Maintain the Ceiling Fan of Your Room

Ceiling Fans Manufacturer in IndiaJust like the other home appliances, even a ceiling fan bought from a trusted Ceiling Fans Manufacturer in India, need to be maintained and cleaned frequently.

Maintaining and cleaning a ceiling fan that you had bought from a reputed Ceiling Fans Manufacturer in India, is also important just like cleaning the other home appliances that you use daily. In addition to expanding the life expectancy, this can also help in avoiding the safety potential hazards that can take place as a result of using the faulty fans. If the ceiling fan of your room is not a damaged one, then you can clean it by yourself. Maintaining and cleaning it will be easy. Here are a couple of maintenance tasks to be performed to keep your ceiling fan as efficient as it was when you bought it.

  • Clean the Entire Ceiling Fan: – If you think that buying a 1200MM CEILING FAN can save your time from maintaining it then you are wrong. Each and every appliance needs proper maintenance. You should clean the ceiling fan of your room at least once in every six months. However, you need to reach your fan first of all by standing up on a stool, a chair, or something tall or elevating. Begin your work by cleaning the fan blades using a brush or a soft piece of cloth. Using a damp cloth piece dipped in some kind of soapy water can also help in removing the sticky stains. Let your ceiling fan dry before you switch it on again.
  • Tighten All the Screws of the Ceiling Fan: – A ceiling fan is made up of different parts, all of which are joined together using screws. When a ceiling fan runs, it generates some kind of vibrations, which can loosen the screws. You can check the screws of the fan especially those of a noisy or a shaky fan. You can use a screwdriver for tightening those screws.
  • Lubricate the Ceiling Fan: – Some of the ceiling fan models need frequent lubrication to work smoothly and efficiently. In such cases, you can use a light oil for filling the oil hole located on the upper side of the motor of the fan. Fill in this hole up to the surface and then rinse the excessive oil with any rag or tissue.

There can’t be anything more relaxing than laying down and fall asleep in a cool space. But what if your fan suddenly starts making a noise when you are about to sleep or you are enjoying a sound sleep? Even if you choose to buy fan online from the best shop and still if you have this kind of problem with your ceiling fan, then follow the recommendations explained above.

Also make a note of an important point that the ceiling that you get to see when doing online home appliances shopping, should not be run on the lighter and dimmer voltages as this can wear out the fan very soon. With the proper maintenance and use, you can run your fan for years without any problem.