Get Answers of Some Faqs About Ceiling Fans for Your Home

Get Answers of Some Faqs About Ceiling Fans for Your HomeExplore the frequently asked questions along with their answers below, in order to get the right ceiling fan for your home from the Ceiling Fan Online Store.

Ceiling fans are the must-have household appliances. Be it the bedroom, the living room, or the dining room, there must be a ceiling fan to circulate cool breeze all over the surrounding space.

The Ceiling Fan Online Store has simplified the process of buying these necessities. It is possible to check out the largest varieties of ceiling fans from anywhere and at any time. But, in order to get the right cooling solutions for the rooms of the house, it is essential to clear some doubts about ceiling fans. Here are the answers of few frequently asked. Check these out to get your doubts cleared and to make the best selection.

Question: How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan?

Answer: Making the right selection of a ceiling fan is not only about choosing the ideal style and color. There are some other factors too that must be considered for getting the maximum efficiency. One such important factor is the room size or the space inside the room where the ceiling fan is to be installed.

Question: What Should Be the Length of the Fan Blades that Can Give the Best Result?

Answer: For optimum performance, the blades of the ceiling fans should be minimum 2.4 meters from the ground level but not more than 2.8 meters.

Question: In Which Direction Should the Ceiling Fan Rotate During the Summer and Winter Months?

Answer: The fan must rotate clockwise in the winter days and in the anticlockwise direction in the hot summer days.

Question: How Can the Usage of A Ceiling Fan Save more Energy?

Answer: Ceiling fans can offer year-round savings. In summers, these cooling solutions can save much more than the air-conditioners can. In the winters, one can save on the heating costs by circulating warm breeze by rotating the fan in reverse direction.

Question: How much Air Can An Efficient Ceiling Fan Circulate?

Answer: Quality ceiling fans’ air movement is counted in terms of CFM or cubic feet per meter. Higher the CFM, more the air. This information is mentioned on the fan’s package.

Question: What is the difference between five-bladed and four-bladed ceiling fans?

Answer: The main difference between five-bladed and four-bladed ceiling fans is the appearance of them. Next comes the amount of air circulated. With respect to this point, it should be known that a four-bladed ceiling fan will move more air than the five-bladed one. The reason is that the less weight of the four-bladed fan allows the motor to spin little faster.

Question: What Is taken Into Consideration Under the Fan Warranty?

Answer: This information is there in the manual provided with the product. But, one can be sure to get a long-term guarantee on the product.

Hence, it can be concluded that to get the right product for the home it is essential to know certain things. Obviously, choosing to Buy Ceiling Fan Online from the most trusted home appliance brand, can get the best product for the home in every respect.