How Can You Calculate the Wattage of A Ceiling Fan?

How Can You Calculate the Wattage of A Ceiling FanBefore buying a ceiling fan from the ceiling fans manufacturer in India and installing it, you must know certain things like how to calculate its wattage, etc.

A watt is the unit of power or energy that an electronic device or an appliance uses. Almost all household appliances and ceiling fans are marked clearly how many watts these consume. You must know the wattage of the fan you have installed in your room as this is important in the areas where the electricity rates are on the higher side. When buying the fan from the ceiling fans manufacturer in India, just remember to check whether the power consumption is marked on it or not. If it is not mentioned then also it is possible to calculate it and determine its power consumption rate. All the you need to know is the method to calculate it.

  • Take a look at the label of the ceiling fan you have bought. Even if the amount of wattage is not displayed, at least it will show the count of amps used by the fan. The label location can vary. The label either can be on the outside of the fan or can be in a hidden location like on top of the blade of the fan, on the light socket, or inside the base of the fan attached to the ceiling or somewhere else.
  • Locate the label of the counts of amp and take a note of it. It can range between 0.5 to 0.9 for any average ceiling fan model. Actually, the fact is, the larger the motor, the more will be the count of amps.
  • Multiply the count of amps displayed on the label by 120 that is the volts used by almost every appliance. The formula of calculating the wattage of a ceiling fan is volts * amps. For example, 0.9 * 120 = 108 watts and 0.5 * 120 = 60 watts.

Wattage actually means the amount of power the fan consumes at its maximum speed. Things Needed to Calculate It are: –

  •  A Calculator

 A Tip to Remember While Calculating: –

  •  If the label is missing on the ceiling fan, you can check out the information at the online portal of the manufacturer of the buy ceiling fans in India, or can call them to ask about it.

 Warning: –

  •  Always remember to switch off the power of the fan prior to touching it with your fingers to find the label.

Even though the fan is of the best quality, still it is important to know the points mentioned above. Purchasing a fan from the most trusted manufacturer like Polar, is not enough. You need to know how it works, what is its maximum and minimum speed and its wattage, for using it wisely for years.