How did Ceiling Fans Become Better Than The Others?

Ceiling Fans

Not all low cost ceiling fans offer the same benefit. While some are better, others are best. Read this blog and find out the reasons behind their efficiency. 

Consumers look at different requirements while purchasing a ceiling fan. Some common features of a high speed ceiling fan include design, efficiency and obviously- airflow. The performance, as well as the grade of each fan, determines its overall rating. Today, we are going to discover some interesting facts about ceiling fans. 

Striking Features About Economical Ceiling Fans 

Its Rating System 

There are tons of ceiling fans in the market. Hence, it is difficult to choose the right one. Moreover, the rating system makes it easier to identify which is your best fit. To do this, you have to gather the correct data. This will help you make an informed purchase. Furthermore, gauges help in representing the energy data. 

Consumer ratings 

Generally, customers decide the star rating based on their purchase of specific ceiling fans. The stars usually vary from 0 to 5 in half-star increments. Moreover, they give the ratings on the basis of their personal experience with the product. The practice of determining the pros and cons of high-speed ceiling fans help consumers comprehend the use of the fixture. 


Also known as flow rate, Airflow is an efficient way of measuring the performance of ceiling fans. Cubic feet per minute or CFM is the most common measurement for measuring the amount of airflow in a minute. Meanwhile, it is also an ideal measurement form when considering heating, cooling and ventilation. For calculating the CFM, you can multiply the cubic footage of your room with the desired frequency of air change. 


The further use of Watts help in measuring and explaining the use of electricity by an electrical product. Wikipedia says Watt is a unit of power that aids in expressing the rate of energy transfer with respect to time. Not to mention, the watt assists in calculating the amount of energy any ceiling fan utilizes at a certain time. The amount of electricity used decides the airflow efficiency. 

Motor Rating 

The motor of a ceiling fan is a significant component of an overhead ceiling fan fixture. It is responsible for accurate airflow movement in the first place. However, there are lots of motors available in the world of ceiling fans. Higher quality, enhanced performance and efficiency of a fan earn more starts because of its endless functionality. 


These are the common features that help you decide on the right ceiling fan for you. Get a range of decorative ceiling fans exclusively at Polar Electric. They are a host of most functional as well as economical fans. When it comes to buying the best online electrical appliances, they are a reliable name.