Protect Your Electrical Appliances from the Moist Monsoons

Electrical AppliancesElectrical appliances like electric rice cookers tend to malfunction especially during monsoon season. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you protect them during the season.

The season of monsoon is beautiful. We all love to sit in the balcony or by the window with a cup of our favorite hot beverage and enjoy the view. We love everything about the season of rains but everything has its advantages and disadvantages.  During monsoons, our electrical appliances tend to malfunction and lose their durability. The moisture content in the air increases. As a result, the dampness also increases which makes the appliances function less. On one hand, the feeling of monsoon is divine and a treat to our souls but on the other, it wrecks our appliances. It is especially important to take extra care of our appliances during monsoons so that they do not get ruined. Here are some tips that will help you protect your appliances like electric rice cookers

How to Take Care of Your Electrical Appliances?

  • With monsoons comes rain and with rains come problems like mosquitoes, diseases, unsafe water, dampness and so on. The first thing one should do during this time is to make sure the tanks of your coolers are empty. It will prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and other insects. Instead of using air coolers or air conditioners, use low  cost ceiling fans. Polar electricals bring to you a huge array of power saving fans. This not only works efficiently but also helps you save power. You can also use them as decorative ceiling fans
  • If the increase in moisture is too high, then it will cause the growth of fungus in your best electronic appliances. So, always clean your products like the best mixer grinders, rice cookers, steam irons, etc after each use. Also, clean them with a dry paper towel or cloth. 
  • This is India and in India power cuts, load shedding, etc are a common scenario. However, this can cause major damages to electrical appliances. Hence, always unplug your devices during a power cut or when it starts raining. The static current which arises out of lightning can cause huge damage to everything. But, proper earthing or grounding can prevent this damage. Hence, make sure all your appliances including television, ovens, refrigerators, etc have efficient earthing. The fluctuation of voltage can also cause major damages to electrical appliances. This can be prevented by using a stabilizer. 
  • If you use a water heater then you will notice that the metal surface is getting rust. This is corrosion and it happens due to oxidation of a metal surface. Corrosion can damage the appliances or cause them to perform weakly. One of the most important ways to remove ruse is by rubbing citric or acetic acid over the metallic area. Keep it aside for 4-5 hours and then remove it with steel wool. 
  • If you have any allergies then the vulnerability increases during monsoons. Therefore, it is also important to clean your ceiling fans every now and then. Just keep wiping it with a dry cloth every now and then. You can also use saline water and vinegar to clean the fan thoroughly every once in a while. You can also buy the most economical fans in India. 


These are some tips and tricks that will help you safeguard your appliances during this season of rain. Get the best electrical appliances online from Polar India. Check out their website for more information.