Steps To Fix A Mixer Grinder Jar That Has Been Jammed For Years

A common problem taking place in online mixer grinders is the jar clogging up. Read this blog to know the tricks to fix a mixer grinder jar that is blocked. 

A mixer grinder is one of the best online electrical appliances and has frequent uses in our kitchen. Whether it is to prepare pastes or make fine powder, a mixer grinder does wonders. 

Tips To Fix A Jammed Mixer Grinder Jar

  1. Cooking Oil Helps In Opening The Jar

Cause: You can recognize a jammed mixer grinder jar by looking at the seal of the bearing of the blades leaks. As a result, the salty water from the liquids of the food seeps into the bearings of the grinder blades. It corrodes the blades and clogs them. In such cases, it becomes impossible to use the appliance.

How To Prevent?

  • You can avoid this problem by keeping the jar upside down and pouring cooking oil into the motor coupler space. Make sure not to fill the oil more than enough. Moreover, leave the jar in the same position for a few minutes.
  • Then, twist the rubber or plastic motor coupler with a hand tool such as a plier. At first, it may seem tight but will eventually become loose. Once the jar blades start moving freely, keep it on the motor base and operate it empty. 
  1. Allow The Mixer Grinder Air To Escape

Cause: Another reason that may cause the mixer grinder jar to jam is that the air inside it gets compressed. Hence, when it is in the ON position, the air further compresses. By chance, the material inside the jar is slightly hot, then the air compresses all the more. Eventually, it causes the jar lid to jam. 

How To Prevent?

  • For preventing such a scenario, experts advise never blocking the small air vent which is present inside each jar lid. Additionally, never start the appliance immediately after putting off the lid. 
  • Allow a few minutes for the lid to pass the air through the vent. Following these tips will ensure a longer life for your mixer grinders. 

How To Select The Right Mixer Grinder? 

There are some factors that you must consider before selecting the right mixer grinder. These are:

  1. Motor Speed: Additionally, the Rotate per Minute is a deciding factor.
  2. Wattage: Choose a mixer grinder that has a range from 500 watts to 750 watts.
  3. Blades: Make sure that your blade material is stainless steel. 

On The Whole

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