Use Powerful Mixer Grinders To Blend Up Healthy Smoothies In Winter

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Let the chilly December month not scare you- feast on some healthy drinks and smoothies. Use the best mixer grinders online from brand Polar.

Years before, when there were no mixer grinders or after the invention when these were too pricey for the common households. People used the traditional methods to whip, grind, and mix. In those days, women used mortar and pestle to do the tasks. Be it grinding turmeric or making the ginger-garlic paste, everything was prepared with manual efforts. Later, these conventional methods got replaced by online mixer grinders. Which made life in the kitchen simpler and faster.

As winter is here, we are sure you all are getting cozy in your woolens and blankets. Well, being comfortable is not only restricted to clothing we assume, right? Sipping on hot drinks & healthy winter smoothies are equally delightful. 

Healthy Drinks That You Can Prepare Using The Juicer Mixer Grinder:

Changing weather conditions and a weak immune system make you vulnerable to the flu and other viruses. It is very important to maintain your health. And with a daily dose of vitamins to stay active and prevent diseases. Drinking freshly prepared healthy smoothies can be an easy solution to stay fit and build up your immune system. To ease your work and speed it up, you should buy a juicer mixer grinder online as it will be the best option. 

  • Apple, Carrot, & Orange Juice

Seasonal fruits and vegetables are always good for health. The soluble fiber of the apples not only strengthens your immunity but also fights inflammation and leads to obesity-related diseases. Carrots act as a prevention for cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes. Additionally, oranges have plenty of antioxidants that protect your cells from damage. Thus the blend of all three can be one amazing combination- tasty as well as healthy. 

  • Kale, Spinach, And Lettuce Juice: 

From this essentially green combination. You get the benefit of nutrients like iron, calcium, vitamin A, C which are beneficial for kids as well as adults. If you want some extra benefits do not forget to add some parsley that has loaded Vitamin B-6. 

  • Orange Ginger And Turmeric Smoothie: 

The smoothie is also an ideal winter detox drink which will help you keep your weight in check. Turmeric is a nutritious powerhouse that is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties ideal for weight loss and preventing cancer. All you need to do is add all the ingredients and blend them well. 


Cooking has become more simplified, easy.  And less time-consuming with the amazing range of mixer grinders. Buy from the best online electrical appliance brand Polar. Shop powerful, latest design mixers & juicers from their website that will fit your budget & also suit your requirements.