When To Get A Water Geyser Repair Done? 5 Undeniably Vital Signs!

geyser repair

Instant water geysers provide us with hot water along with saving our budget. Even the 5 star rated geysers need servicing after every 6-8 months. Know the right time. 

Hot waters are usually reliable and long-lasting. However, after a certain period of time, our hot water geyser has to go for a repair. This article by the best geysers manufacturer will tell you the signs that might indicate a geyser repair. 

5 Signs To Know It’s Time For A Water Geyser Repair

Water Is Not Heating Up

  • When water does not heat enough, that is the most direct sign you receive from your instant water geyser. It simply indicates that something is wrong. 
  • If there is still cold water running even after a lot of time, then that may be a major problem. When you get such signs, call your mechanic right away because delays can worsen the situation. 

A Leak In The Unit 

  • If you find water around the surface of your water geyser, it indicates you have to be more careful. There can be leakage due to damages in pipes or loose joints. 
  • At times of leak, there are chances of damage to other components as well. It may also develop moulds around the wall. However, spotting leaks is easy, and make sure to take timely care of them. 

Strange Noises Emerging Out

  • Strange noises or sounds from your geyser is never a great sign. Because your water heater is not made to work with a sound.
  • Hence, whenever you start hearing a bubbling or crackling sound, then do have a double-check. Noises can come because of the unchecked mineral build-up or less water flow. 

Water Discolouration

  • If you are receiving water of a different colour, then the unit is surely undergoing a serious issue. Metals present in your water geyser rusts with time which may be a cause of rusty water flow. 
  • A lot of times pipes cause the problem and not the geyser actually. So, the best option is to contact an expert and take necessary repair steps to prevent further disruptions. 

Water Heater’s Longevity

  • Generally, the lifespan of an instant geyser is 15-18 years. However, this age depends upon the design, maintenance as well as on operating conditions. 
  • Even if your water geyser runs smoothly, it is better to check it regularly. This will ensure any flaw in the instant water geyser at the initial stage and you have a lot of time to repair it. 


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