What are the Most Common Mixer Grinder Problems and How to Fix Them?

best mixer grinder - polarindiaEven with the best mixer grinder in India, there are a couple of problems you can face. Read this blog to know about the most common mixer grinder problems and their solutions.

An electrical appliance that you will find in almost every Indian kitchen is a mixer grinder. It is a basic necessity for kitchens. Many households do not have a microwave or electric kettle but a mixer grinder is a must-have. It saves a lot of time and eases up the entire meal making process. But, the problem with every electrical appliance is that you are bound to face some common problems. It doesn’t matter if you have the best mixer grinder in India, there are some problems that you will face. But, you know before calling out the expert and shedding chunks of money to repair it, you can try troubleshooting it yourself. 

 Basic Problems of A Mixer Grinder:-

  • Leakage:- 

    One of the most common problems in a mixer grinder is leaking from the jar. This happens mostly because your mixer grinder is very old and it is time for you to get the best mixer grinder in Kolkata. Other reasons this happens are due to loose blades, a crack in one of the jars, wearing out of a rubber gasket, etc. The finest mixer grinders can also work smoothly for over ten years. In case of a loose blade, you can just tighten them with a few tools. It could also be a fault in the gunmetal as they have a lifespan of three years. In that case, you need to call an expert and change it. But, if the container is broken, then get a new set. 

  • Blunt Blades:- 

    With time the sharpness of the blades disappear. As a result, things do not grind or mix well. But how do you identify the problem? Well, the first sign is when you notice your ingredients are coarse even after repetitively grinding it in the mixer. The first tip you can try is fixing the blades with rock salt. All you have to do is pour a spoon of rock salt in the grinder and then switch it on. You can also replace the blades if this doesn’t work. Well, you can fix the blades yourself too. The process is very simple and you can look it up online or in the manual.

  • Tripping:- 

    When you constantly grind food items for a long period or use the mixer to grind food that is still very hot, it can start tripping. Therefore, it is best to grind food for too long or avoid pouring hot items in the mixer. Bring them to room temperature and then use it.  The way to fix this is to switch off the mixer, unplug it, and reset it. 

  • Broken Coupler:- 

    The base of the blender which connects it to the jar is a coupler. They stop working when they get too old. It can also damage the coupler if you use it to blend frozen items, ice, etc at high speed. You cannot repair a coupler and the only option is to replace it. 

These are the most common problems you face with a mixer grinder. If you want to get the best electrical appliances online, visit the website of Polar India.