Know About the Electricity Consumption of A Ceiling Fan

Ceiling Fan- polarindiaCeiling Fans are one of the most important appliances in our houses. Know about the consumption of electricity by high-speed ceiling fans in this blog.

It is quite luxurious to feel a breeze constantly on your skin, right? That is why we install ceiling fans. It helps us get rid of the hot and humid weather. But, do you know how much your high-speed ceiling fans consume? Well, worry not as they are one of the most energy-efficient and affordable appliances ever. But, there are some types that use more energy and some that use less energy. It depends on the brand and models. But, whatever the case may be, it’s still cheaper than air- conditioners. But, how much energy does your fan actually consume?

The Electricity Consumption of A Ceiling Fan:-

Well, we have learned a simple formula in physics which helps us calculate the amount of energy consumed by a ceiling fan. We will revisit that lesson but before that, we need to know about wattage. It is possible to calculate electricity consumption only if you know how many watts your fan needs to work. The box will have the exact number. If you do not have the box, then you need to take a look at your ceiling fan. Usually, it is there on the base. Although, the smartest option is to search online. Get low-cost ceiling fans now. The formula is to multiply the watt into the Kw/hr rate by your electricity provider.

For example, if your fan needs 75 watts and the rate you pay for your electricity company is 5/-, then the calculation is :

75 watts* 5/- = 375

We also need to know this in kilowatt, just divide the total by 1000, which is:

375/100 = 0.375.

So, this is the cost of using your fan for one hour. Multiply it by the number of hours you will use and you will get the appropriate cost. You can do the rest of the maths by yourself. 

Some Interesting Facts About Ceiling Fan:-

  • The wattage of ceiling fans varies from different numbers. It depends on factors like model, brand, manufacturer, speed, size, etc. 
  • Although there are different modern pieces that come with a light, the best option is to get the normal ceiling fans. This is because they are one of the most power-saving fans ever. Having lights consume way more electricity and efficiency also decreases.
  • Old fans consume more electricity. As your fan keeps getting older, it requires more energy to run. Therefore, it is better to replace it with a more efficient option. Nowadays, there are special fans which help in saving electricity. 

These are some interesting facts about ceiling fans and the energy they consume. If you want to get the best ceiling fans, then visit the website of Polar India