How to Identify the Features of A Good Quality Pedestal Fan?

Best Pedestal Fans- PolarIndiaPedestal fans are one of the most power saving fans out there. Read this blog to know how you can identify a pedestal fan and what are the ideal features it should have.

There are generally two options when it comes to cool our houses during the scorching and sticky summer heat. They are either our old school ceiling fans or air conditioner which is more cooling and comfortable. Both of them circulate air and create a breezy effect by decreasing the room temperature. But, they do not help much when it becomes humid. Therefore, you should have another option that will help you get rid of the humidity. Simultaneously, they would not fail at cooling the room. Yes, we are talking about pedestal fans. They are one of the most power-saving fans out there. 

Nowadays, this mobile variant out of the many electrical fans is available in different types and more advanced features. But, how do you identify the best pedestal fans? Here are some features that will help you select the right pedestal fan. 

Characteristics of An Ideal Pedestal Fan:-

  • Mobility:- 

    One of the primary advantages of a pedestal fan is its mobility or portability. As they are lightweight, you can easily move them around your home and place them in the necessary place. You can also literally plug it to any outlet without any hassle. A pedestal fan also does not consume much space and circulates enough air. 

  • Blade Speed:

    Another characteristic of a pedestal fan is the fan modes or the speed of blades. Nowadays, pedestal fans come with different blade speeds which also means that you can adjust the need for airflow at your convenience. Therefore, it becomes really easy for you to adjust the right temperature and also sleep peacefully during the night.

  • Lightweight:- 

    The early and old Pedestal fans were quite heavyweight and were hard to move. But, with passing days, new pedestal fans came into the market. They look so much better and are lightweight too. You will also find a fan that matches the theme and decor of your home. However, you must also ensure that the fans are lightweight so it is easy for you to move it around. Some pedestal fans also have wheels under them which make it easier to carry them around. 

  • Power Saving:- 

    Pedestal fans are one of the most power-saving fans. With the advancement of technology in every field, they have not left pedestal fans behind. The power-saving feature is a major development in pedestal fans and it is also one of the reasons it is widely popular. They can help you save a total of 50% on your entire electricity bills. Isn’t it amazing? 

  • Right Proportion:- 

    You can get pedestal fans in many shapes and sizes. Therefore, it becomes extremely important for you to choose a fan that has the right proportion. Also, many pedestal fans come with an adjustable stand with which you can adjust the height. Thus, you will be able to adjust the fan according to the room proportion. As a result, air circulation will be better and cooler. 

These are some features of an amazing pedestal fan. These features are the identity of an ideal pedestal fan. If you want to get the best pedestal fans in India, visit the website of Polar India