Some Smart Hacks to Keep Your Room Cool With Fans

Low Cost Ceiling FansIf you want to know how to keep your room cool just by using low-cost ceiling fans and without any air conditioner, then this blog is for you. Read to know more.

There is one thing we can all agree on- Indian summers are terrible. In a tropical country like India, where it is warm throughout the year, the summer months do not make it any easier. It becomes extremely parched, humid, warm, and uncomfortable to step out of the house. Even though we are currently at home following the current situation but still the heat inside our homes bothers us. Well, air conditioners are an option but not everyone can afford an air conditioner or the bills that come with it. Especially, in this crisis where the economy is going through a major downfall- it is an absolute no-no. Therefore, the only cooling device we have is low-cost ceiling fans. 

But, the temperature is reaching 30-36° C and it is also getting extremely humid inside our homes. Especially, if with more members it creates a suffocative atmosphere. Personally, for us, it is getting sticky, oily, and fussy. In such situations having a high-speed ceiling fan is not enough. So, what do we do to cool our rooms without an air conditioner? Well, fret not as we bring to you some amazing hacks that will create a breezy atmosphere around your home as well.

Tricks to Cool Down Your Room:-

  • Change the Direction of Your Ceiling Fans:-

    The first and foremost thing you need to do is change the direction in which your fan rotates. A ceiling fan should rotate in different ways during different seasons. In summers, they should rotate anticlockwise. So make sure you change that direction. Also, do not do this on your own and call for professional help. Put those decorative ceiling fans to maximum use during this time. 

  • Two Fans are Better than One:-

    If you can and if it is possible, then install two ceiling fans in your room. This will maximize the flow of air in your room. Also, it is a myth that wind of each fan will collide with another and lessen the air circulation. You can also use a table fan and the trick is to place it in front of the window. Make sure it faces outside. This will give you the feeling of a natural breeze.

  • Close Your Windows and Doors:-

    If the table fan hack does not cut it for you, then close all windows and doors. Turn off the lights and switch on the fans. This works like magic. It will give you a peaceful and cool atmosphere. 

  • A Bowl of Ice or Wet Cloth:-

    If you want to get the feeling of an air conditioner, then put a bowl of ice in front of a pedestal fan or a table fan. A wet cloth is also as useful as the bowl of ice, just hang it in front of the fan and enjoy the cool misty feeling. 

  • Use Exhaust Fans:-

    Kitchens and bathrooms also get very humid. The humidity from these places can cause your room to get claustrophobic. So, always put those exhaust fans to use. 

These are some amazing tricks to cool your room without any air conditioner and just by using ceiling fans. Also, you need a few things you find your home. Do try them and check out the website of Polar India for an exclusive range of ceiling fans.