Choose Only the Best: Useful Buying Guide for Heaters for Your Home

best heater for your room

Wondering how to choose the best heater for warming up your cold winter nights? Go through these tips to understand what factors to focus on before investing in one. 

November is here and officially we are stepping into the cold months and welcoming winter with much excitement and fun. Winter itself brings with it a certain charm and sets in the festive mood for Christmas and New Year.

Also, it reminds you of the days when snuggling inside a blanket, having a cup of hot chocolate, and turning your room heater on are the only things you probably want to do. Thus, this brings us to one of the most common concerns among customers- what is the best room heater to purchase?

Before knowing what is the best heater in the market, we all need to know a few basics.  So in reality there are two types of heaters- convection heaters and radiant heaters. The technology in which each of these users is different from the other and hence the distinction. 

The convection heater uses an electrical element or coil to warm up the surrounding air while the radiant heater uses radiation to heat only the specified areas without the surrounding air. 

Tips to Choose the Best Heaters:-

  • Timers: 

Choose a heater that allows you to set timers that will make it easy to turn it on and off. This will ensure that you do not pay extra electricity bills and definitely will help save energy. 

  • Automatic Oscillations: 

In the case of fan heaters, it is imperative to have an automatic oscillation feature that helps in distributing the heat evenly in the room. 

  • Safety settings: 

This is of paramount importance that you keep a check on how safe the appliance is. Automatic shut off when the heater reaches the potential temperature is a must. Also, an overheat protection switch along with a safety mesh, is also an important feature. 

  • Type of plug: 

There can be some heaters that use a standard plug while there are others that use a power plug. If it has a power plug be sure to check whether the manufacturer provided extra wiring or not. 

  • Budget: 

If you are wondering about a room heater’s price, it depends on the type and function.  It can start from as low as 2000 and spike up to 15,000.

Tips to Maintain Your Heater:-

Change the filter and the pilot light. Without the light, your whole heater will be disabled. Also, pay keen attention to the effective cleaning of your heater. 

There may be an accumulation of dust, check the ducts also properly. Finally when you feel it all set and squeaky lean again do a trial run first by turning it on for a few minutes to check whether it is in the right working condition or not. 

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